James Cook University ranked #1 in the 2021 International Graduate Outcomes Survey

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Synopsis: James Cook University, JCU is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia which is renowned for teaching and research excellence. GOS, Graduate Outcomes Survey announced the results of 2021 where JCU is ranked #1 for full-time employment & #2 in the international graduate earnings.

Detailed article: Graduate outcomes survey, GOS is conducted among the graduates of Australian universities around four to six months after completion of their higher education. The general criteria for this survey are skills utilization, further study activities, and graduation satisfaction.

The latest report from the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2021 declares the ranking of top universities based on graduate employment outcomes for international students. This is taken with 29 Australian universities and is funded by the Australian Government department of education, skills and employment. With a three-year aggregation of data, James Cook University has scored high on full-time employment rate as well as full-time median salaries.

Highlights of the Survey Results: 

#1 for full-time employment:

James Cook University is ranked #1 for its highest full time-employment rate (57.2%).

#2 for international graduate earnings:

This is mainly based on the highest full-time median salary which is AUD 64,700 per annum.

This clearly states that JCU is enroute to position itself as a top choice in the minds of international students with a high standard of education as well as with excellent full-time employment deliverables.

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