Positive Ascent in Post Study work permit holders in Canada!

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The past decade has been really a turnover in international students' careers as they turned out to be the biggest workforce for Canada's economic growth. The exponential growth in the international student population over the years resulted in an increase in applications for Post-graduation work permits according to Canadian statistics.

The continuous growth in international students from around the world who hold a study permit in Canada - rose from 75K in the 2000s to 250K in 2019 as per official government stats. 

This growing popularity of Canadian education over international students is contributing to more participation in PGWP (Post-Graduation work permit program) as it is their gateway for a global career.

To be eligible for a Postgraduate work permit, an international student has to complete a course with a minimum of 8 months duration in an accredited Canadian university which makes them eligible for PGWP. The PGWP allows international students to gain access to temporary work opportunities in Canada i.e. graduates can stay and work anywhere inside Canada with any authorized organization, in any occupation. Depending on the number of study years in Canada, your duration of the PGWP changes accordingly. The number of PGWP holders increased 600% from 10K+ to 60K+ during the period of 2008 to 2018.

The average median salary of PGWP holders has increased from CAD 14500 to CAD 26800 between the period of 2008 to 2018. A total number of 10,300 PGWP holders submitted T4 Tax returns in 2008, while this number grew up to 135,100 during 2018. Almost 75% of postgraduate work permit holders moved on to permanent residence within 5 years of issue. Undergraduate and Masters students had the most number of conversions in PGWP according to recent trends.

International student graduates from accredited Canadian institutions gain access to work inside Canada through the PGWP Program. Also, on the other hand, to attain Permanent residence in Canada through the Federal Express Entry system - the PGWP Program works as a way for students to connect the gaps between Canadian Education and In-country work experience. If the student is already having valid work experience, then Canadian graduation increases the chance of obtaining PR (Permanent residency).

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