No Visa Charges for International Students Travelling to Australia

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Synopsis: Visa application fees to be rebated to International students who arrive in Australia from 19th Jan 2022. Prime Minister Scott Morrison called on visa holders to arrive in Australia as soon as possible since this waiver is applicable only for a period of eight weeks starting from 19th Jan 2022.

Sensational: No visa charges for international students travelling to Australia from 19th Jan 2022

Prime Minister Scott Morrison
News in detail: Following the announcement of '40 hour-a-fortnight cap' removal for international students, Prime Minister Scott Morrison actively welcomed the student visa holders and working holiday makers to 'come on down'. This new initiative is primarily aimed to cope with the current shortage of workforce due to the Omicron (Covid-19) outbreak.  

In order to add more value, additional benefits are annexed to the international travellers. Visa charges to be waived for international students and working holidaymakers. Yes, this bold move is just taken in order to make sure the ease of transition.

To the reporters in Canberra, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said - "What we'll be doing is we will be rebating the visa application fees from all those who arrive today," To sum it up ` International students can avail this rebate for eight whole weeks from Wednesday, and while working holiday makers can avail this for 12 weeks from now.

"My message to them is come on down. We want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia - move all the way around the country and, at the same time, join our workforce." - he said!

Presently, the visa application charges for international students is AUD 630 and for working holiday makers, it is around AUD 495.

  • As per Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's statement, it is understood that the Australian government aims to attract around 175,000 international students and working holiday makers to Australia in 2022.
  • Federal government's data states that there are around 325000 international students currently in Australia with another 150,000 students who are still off-shore and yet to arrive into Australia.
  • Mr.Morrison added that international students who are working and being trained in healthcare and aged care will be extremely helpful for the nation.

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