Make your 
New Zealand Student Visa
process effortless

Learn everything you need to know about New Zealand Student Visa
and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Make your New Zealand Student visa
process effortless

Learn everything you need to know about
New Zealand Student Visa
and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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New Zealand Student Visa for Bangladeshi Students

New Zealand has recently risen to become one of the most preferred study destinations among international students. The country witnesses around 50,000 new international students taking admission every year and this number is bound to increase in the coming years. If this fascinating country is the study destination of your choice, then one of the first documents to be made ready for your university application abroad is the student visa. It is essential to know the procedure so that you can make all the necessary arrangements early, with no need for a last-minute rush. You can apply for the visa both online and offline, and it will take around 30 weekdays for your visa application to be processed. You can read further to learn in detail about the requirements for a New Zealand student visa for Bangladeshi students.

New Zealand Study Visa Latest News

It is essential that you understand the new regulations and policies that the government of New Zealand employs so that you make no mistakes and apply right. There have been a few updates made by the government of New Zealand, and we have made a list of them below for your reference.

  • Revised post-study work rights: A few minor changes have been made to the post-study work rights. Though there is no change for degree-level students, non-degree students will be allowed to work in the country only if their qualification is related to one that falls under the Greens List; that is, those included in the labour market skill shortage. These include Health and Social Services, Construction, Engineering, ICT, Primary Industries and Science, and Electronics and Telecommunications. The post-study work period for graduates is three years. Also, you cannot apply for a second permit.
  • Better work opportunities: New Zealand has decreased the number of low-skilled migrant workers shifting to the country. As such, your chances of getting better jobs are more.
  • More financial resources required: Earlier, international students needed to have NZD 15,000 in their bank account, irrespective of the course and program. As per the new law, all higher education and English-language students need NZD 20,000, and primary and secondary students need NZD 17,000. Also, if you have to apply for a work permit, you must show NZD 5000. You should also show your full first-year tuition fee upfront. 

Types of New Zealand Student Visa

If you are planning to study in New Zealand from Bangladesh, it is essential that you know about the types of student visas the country offer. We have provided a table below for you to understand better.

Types of Student Visa


Duration of Stay

Exchange Student Visa

It is for those selected for the student exchange scheme & study full-time courses in a school-to-school exchange, tertiary exchange or an exchange program organisation scheme

Up to 4 years

Pathway Student Visa

With this, you can study three consecutive courses with a single student visa & work part-time

Up to 5 years

Fee-Paying Student Visa

This is a full-time visa where you have to pay the full study cost

Up to 4 years

Foreign Government Supported Student Visa

It is for those who have a foreign loan or scholarship

Up to 4 years


New Zealand Student Visa Fees

You can apply for a New Zealand from Bangladesh student visa both online and offline. The application fee varies for them. Your immigration cost and receiving centre fee will depend on the mode of application. We have given a table below to help you understand better.

Type of Submission

Application Cost (approx.)

Receiving Centre Fee (approx.)


BDT 36,343

BDT 2739


BDT 37,502

BDT 3266



New Zealand Student Via IELTS Requirements


To apply for a New Zealand student visa, you may need to submit the following documents.

  1. Passport
  2. Letter of acceptance from a recognised New Zealand university that states the minimum course duration, total tuition fee, and whether the tuition fee is in domestic or foreign currency. The course should be one that is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
  3. A written guarantee that you will be offered accommodation by the university if you are under 18 years of age.
  4. An accommodation offer letter from your university.
  5. A return air ticket to your home country or proof of sufficient funds for it.
  6. Proof of visa application fee payment.
  7. All academic documents.
  8. Student visa application form.
  9. Passport-size photographs.
  10. Receipt of tuition fee payment.
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New Zealand Visa Process

As mentioned above, you can apply for a New Zealand student visa both online and offline. The student visa process may vary depending on the mode of application. We have provided the steps you need to follow below.

The steps to be followed for online visa application are as follows.
  • Create an account: You need to create an account at the New Zealand Immigration Online at their official website.
  • Fill out the application form: You can then fill up the application form. Always ensure that you do not make any mistakes.
  • Have all the documents handy: It is essential to arrange all the documents and have them handy so that you can upload them easily.
  • Upload your photograph: You should upload your photograph and other necessary documents.
  • Complete the application: You can follow the next steps and complete the application.
  • Pay the fee & submit the application: You can finally pay the application fee and submit the application.
The steps to be followed for offline visa application are as follows.
  • Download the application form: You can download the application form from the official website.
  • Fill out the application form: You can fill up the application form. This should be done with great care. You should not make any mistakes while filling out the application.
  • Get the supporting documents: You should arrange all the necessary documents and have them handy so there is no need to rush last minute.
  • Get passport-size photographs: You should have recent passport-size photographs ready, which should be submitted along with the application.
  • Keep the application fee ready: You can check the mode of fee payment and have the amount ready beforehand. 
  • Submit the application: You can submit your application at the Immigration New Zealand Office or visa centre.



New Zealand Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a New Zealand visa is 30 weekdays, excluding public holidays. On an average level, visa applications get processed within 18 weekdays. Additionally, 90% of student visa applications are processed within 50 weekdays. As such, it is essential that you plan and apply early so that nothing gets delayed.
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How to Check My Visa Status?

You can use your RealMe account to log in. If it shows “Submitted”, it means that your student visa application is ready to be processed. The New Zealand Immigration authorities usually try to process your application at the earliest. If it is taking longer than expected, you can also contact them.

How AECC Helps to Get New Zealand Student Visa?

AECC has a team of trained counsellors who can help you get updated information on the New Zealand student visa, including the latest news and updates. We can help you arrange all the documents and apply easily. This will also ensure that you apply at the right time without making any mistakes. The best part is that all our services are offered for free.

AECC helps aspiring students to study abroad from Bangladesh. We have trained professionals and experienced counsellors to guide you throughout your university application process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!

Frequently asked questions

How to apply for a New Zealand student visa from Bangladesh?

You can apply for a New Zealand student visa from Bangladesh both online and offline. The steps to be followed are explained above, and you can take reference from it. You can also reach out to AECC to get assistance from our counsellors, who can help you apply easily.

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