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Scholarships in Ireland for Bangladeshi Students

What sets Ireland apart is its revered universities and the open arms with which it welcomes students from around the world. As Bangladeshi students aspire to realise their educational dreams, they find themselves at the crossroads of quality learning and unforgettable experiences. The allure of Irish education lies not just in its classrooms but in its cobbled streets, lively culture and the chance to create connections that span continents.

For ambitious Bangladeshi minds, the prospect of studying in Ireland becomes even more attainable through an array of thoughtfully crafted scholarships. Often backed by educational institutions, governmental bodies, and private benefactors, these scholarships paint a vivid picture of Ireland's commitment to fostering global academic camaraderie. Designed to alleviate financial constraints, these opportunities reflect Ireland's belief that talent knows no boundaries.

These Irish scholarships are more than financial support; they are an invitation to join a vibrant academic community, an opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research, and a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. As you read on, envision yourself walking the verdant landscapes of Ireland, your academic journey illuminated by the glow of both learning and adventure.


Types of Scholarships in Ireland for Bangladeshi Students

Embarking on academic endeavours in Ireland, Bangladeshi students are welcomed with a kaleidoscope of scholarship opportunities. These shimmering pathways to knowledge encompass a spectrum of options, from merit-based distinctions that recognise outstanding achievements to need-based grants that bridge financial gaps. 

Venture further and you'll encounter research fellowships that beckon innovative thinkers and program-specific scholarships tailored to diverse fields of study.

  • Government-funded Scholarships: The Irish government actively promotes international study and offers several scholarships for foreign nationals, including students from Bangladesh.
  • Non-government Funded Scholarships: Several non-profit organisations, foundations, and trusts offer scholarships to promote higher education and cultural exchange between countries.
  • University-funded Scholarships: Many top-tier Irish universities have their own scholarship programs designed to attract the brightest and best worldwide.
  • Course-specific Scholarships: Some scholarships are tailored for specific courses, such as engineering, arts, or business, ensuring that diverse fields of study receive equal support.
  • Research Scholarships: For those inclined towards academic research, some scholarships cover expenses related to research projects, conferences, and more.
  • Cultural Scholarships: These are specifically for students who excel in arts, music, or cultural studies, promoting the preservation and growth of cultural ties.
  • Sports Scholarships: For athletes who have shown exceptional prowess in their respective sports, these scholarships can offer financial relief and access to top training facilities.
  • Merit-based Scholarships: Based strictly on academic performance, these scholarships reward students who've consistently excelled in their studies.
  • Need-based Scholarships: Designed for students who are financially underprivileged but academically deserving, these scholarships take into account the financial condition of the student or their family.
  • Region-specific Scholarships: Some scholarships target students from specific regions or countries to foster relationships and mutual growth between nations.
The key to unlocking these Scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Ireland lies in diligent research, timely applications and maintaining the academic or extracurricular excellence they often require. With the right information and guidance, Bangladeshi students can find a scholarship tailored to their needs, making the dream of studying in Ireland both achievable and affordable.

Which Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Bangladeshi Students?

Ireland guides Bangladeshi students in higher education with a symphony of prestigious scholarships, harmonising financial support with academic pursuits. These scholarships offer more than just monetary assistance – they are the keys to unlocking doors to renowned institutions and groundbreaking research opportunities. In this segment, we embark on a journey through the constellation of popular scholarships that illuminate the path for Bangladeshi students, guiding them toward a world-class education in the heart of Ireland's intellectual landscape.

Popular Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Ireland:

  • The Walsh Fellowship: A perfect choice for those keen on research, this fellowship offers Agriculture, Food and Forestry Research positions.
  • The UCD Global Excellence Scholarship: Specifically for students applying to the University College Dublin, this scholarship recognises academic brilliance.
  • The Trinity College Dublin Scholarships: TCD offers various scholarships to students of different nationalities, including Bangladeshi, from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.
  • NUI Galway International Student Scholarships: The National University of Ireland, Galway, extends this scholarship to promising international students, prioritising academic accomplishments.
  • DCU International Student Scholarships: Dublin City University's mission to promote international academic exchange offers this scholarship to deserving overseas students.
  • The DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme: Dublin Institute of Technology's effort to attract brilliant minds from around the globe, including Bangladesh.
  • The Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) International Scholarships: Tailored for international students, CIT ensures that students from countries like Bangladesh get an equal chance at quality education.
  • Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) International Scholarships: Recognising academic achievements and promoting global diversity, LIT offers this scholarship to deserving international students.
  • Maynooth University Scholarships for International Students: Specifically catering to international students, this scholarship aims to reduce the financial strain and foster an inclusive academic community.
Each of these Scholarships in Ireland brings its own set of unique benefits and eligibility criteria. Bangladeshi students keen on exploring the academic opportunities in Ireland should delve deep into each option, ensuring they find the one that best aligns with their aspirations.

Government-Funded Scholarships in Ireland for Bangladeshi Students

Ireland's government-funded scholarships stand as beacons of educational empowerment for Bangladeshi students. These esteemed opportunities, backed by governmental support, not only ease financial burdens but also symbolise a commitment to nurturing global talent. This section unveils the array of government-funded scholarships available to Bangladeshi scholars, showcasing Ireland's dedication to creating a diverse tapestry of knowledge and culture within its academic realms.

For Bangladeshi students, government-funded scholarships are a golden ticket. Irish Universities Scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Ireland:

Name of the Scholarship


Average Scholarship Amount (in Euro)

Irish Government International Education Scholarships (IGIES)

Outstanding Bangladeshi students with a proven academic record


Higher Education Authority (HEA) International Scholarships

Open for all international students, including Bangladeshis with a strong academic background

Tuition fee + €10,000 for living

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Bangladeshi students seeking joint Master's in Europe, including Ireland

Varies (up to full tuition + allowances)

Mitchell Scholarships Program

Honors bachelor's degree holders or their equivalent

Tuition, housing, and a monthly stipend

Claddagh Scholarship Programme

Exclusively for Bangladeshi students, demonstrating leadership and academic prowess

€2,500 - €5,000

Go Overseas Full Tuition Scholarships

Bangladeshi students with a compelling reason to study in Ireland

Full Tuition

Fulbright Program for Bangladeshi Students

Bangladeshi citizens with at least a Bachelor's degree

Varies (often includes travel, tuition, and books)

Enterprise Ireland's Education in Ireland Scholarships

For Bangladeshi students with a passion for Irish studies

€3,000 - €5,000

DFA Ireland's Fellowship Training Programme

Specifically for professionals from developing countries

Covers tuition, flights, and allowances

The Kader Asmal Fellowship

Exclusively for Bangladeshi postgrads in law, politics, and other fields

Full tuition, flights, and monthly stipend

These government-backed options are a blessing for students on the lookout for Scholarships in Ireland. Always ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, and get your applications in early!

Ireland University Scholarships

Embarking on a journey of higher education in Ireland, Bangladeshi students find themselves presented with a mosaic of University scholarships that promise not only educational enrichment but also a gateway to a world of opportunities. These scholarships, tailored by prestigious Irish universities, serve as bridges connecting ambition with achievement. There are a multitude of University-specific scholarships designed to support Bangladeshi scholars in their pursuit of academic excellence on the enchanting campuses of Ireland.

With the rich history of Ireland's universities, it's no wonder many Bangladeshi students aspire to study there. Many universities in Ireland offer enticing scholarships to aid international students, making the dream of studying in the Emerald Isle a bit closer to reality.

Name of the University

Name of the Scholarship


Average Scholarship Amount (in Euro)

Trinity College Dublin

Claddagh Scholarship

Bangladeshi students with an excellent academic record


University College Dublin

Global Excellence Scholarship

Bangladeshi undergraduate and postgraduate students with top academic achievements

Up to €10,000

University of Limerick

International Education Scholarships

Bangladeshi students with a high academic score


Dublin City University

International Scholarships

Bangladeshi students demonstrating both academic and personal achievements

€2,000 - €7,000

National University of Ireland, Galway

International Student Scholarships

Outstanding international students, including Bangladeshis

Up to €5,000

Maynooth University

International Taught Master's Scholarships

Bangladeshi students enrolling in a full-time Taught Master's program


Cork Institute of Technology

Merit-based International Scholarships

Bangladeshi students with a remarkable academic background

25% reduction in tuition

Dublin Institute of Technology

Centenary Scholarship Program

All international students, especially those from Bangladesh with outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

International Student Bursaries

Bangladeshi students enrolling in medical-related programs

Up to €5,000

Limerick Institute of Technology

International Student Scholarship

Bangladeshi students based on academic merit

€1,000 - €3,000

For Bangladeshi students, these university scholarships present an ideal way to pursue higher education without breaking the bank. Remember, Scholarships in Ireland aren’t just about the funds but also the prestige associated with them!

Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Bangladeshi Students

In Ireland, a constellation of scholarships awaits, each offering a unique avenue to brilliance. These scholarships, like threads in a vibrant tapestry, weave together the dreams of aspiring scholars with the opportunities presented by Ireland's esteemed institutions. In this segment, we cast a spotlight on the diverse array of Undergraduate scholarships, inviting Bangladeshi students to embark on an educational odyssey that transcends borders and fosters personal and academic growth amidst Ireland's academic ambience.

Fortunately, several scholarships cater exclusively to Undergraduate students from Bangladesh, aiming to support their aspirations. Some of these can be Fully-funded scholarships for Bangladeshi students.

  • EduIreland Undergraduate Scholarships: Available for Bangladeshi students demonstrating exceptional academic talent.
  • UCC Excellence Scholarships: Offered by University College Cork to outstanding Bangladeshi undergraduate applicants.
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship: A merit-based award for international undergraduate students, including those from Bangladesh.
  • Limerick International Student Scholarships: Designed for high-performing Bangladeshi undergraduates.
  • NUIG Undergraduate Merits Scholarship: Open to Bangladeshi students with a high academic score applying to the National University of Ireland, Galway.
  • DCU International Student Scholarships: Dublin City University offers this to Bangladeshi undergraduates with stellar academic records.
  • Trinity College Dublin Entrance Scholarships: Exclusively for freshman Bangladeshi students showcasing academic excellence.
  • Maynooth University Undergraduate Scholarships: Available for eligible undergraduate Bangladeshi applicants with strong academic credentials.
  • UCC PLUS+ Program: Financial support and other academic services for eligible Bangladeshi students at University College Cork.
  • Griffith College Scholarships: For Bangladeshi undergraduates with a track record of academic success.
Being granted a scholarship not only eases financial stress but also serves as recognition of a student's hard work and potential. So, if you’re a Bangladeshi student eyeing an Undergraduate course, explore these Scholarships in Ireland and turn your academic dreams into reality.

Master’s Scholarships to Study in Ireland

For Bangladeshi scholars aspiring to pursue a master's degree in Ireland, a realm of masterful opportunities comes to life through a variety of scholarships. These scholarships, crafted to empower academic pursuits and alleviate financial constraints, serve as catalysts for shaping the future of bright minds. Bangladeshi students aiming to achieve mastery in their chosen fields can make use of these scholarships.

Pursuing a master's degree in Ireland? Well, this enchanting land doesn't just offer captivating landscapes but also numerous scholarships for Bangladeshi students aiming for postgraduate studies.

  • Irish Government Postgraduate Scholarships: Available for Bangladeshi students aiming for master's courses in Ireland.
  • DCU International Masters Scholarships: Dublin City University's merit-based scholarships are open to Bangladeshi postgraduates.
  • UCC Postgraduate Scholarships: University College Cork offers these based on academic achievement.
  • UCD Global Excellence Graduate Scholarships: For exceptional Bangladeshi students aiming for a master’s at University College Dublin.
  • TCD Postgraduate Research Scholarships: Trinity College Dublin's offering to Bangladeshi students for postgraduate research programs.
  • NUIG Excellence Masters Scholarships: Specifically for Bangladeshi students with excellent academic backgrounds enrolling in NUIG.
  • UL Postgraduate Merit Scholarships: University of Limerick's reward for high-achieving Bangladeshi students.
  • Maynooth University Taught Master's Scholarships: Available to Bangladeshi students with exceptional academic records.
  • RCSI Postgraduate Scholarships: For Bangladeshi students enrolling in medical-related master’s programs at the Royal College of Surgeons.
  • DIT Centenary Master’s Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships for international postgraduate students.

As a Bangladeshi student, these master's scholarships can provide substantial financial relief, allowing you to focus entirely on your studies and fully absorb the rich Irish academic experience.

MBA Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Bangladeshi Students

Bangladeshi students with a keen eye on the world of Business and Management, Ireland offers a plethora of MBA scholarships that illuminate the path to Leadership and Innovation. These scholarships not only support academic aspirations but also nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within. Bangladeshi students who are in their pursuit of excellence in Business education on the vibrant Irish shores can utilise these scholarships to study in Ireland. The Business world is evolving rapidly, and an MBA from Ireland can position Bangladeshi students at the forefront of this transformation. 

Recognising this potential, several institutions in Ireland offer scholarships tailored to support Bangladeshi MBA aspirants.

  • Smurfit MBA International Scholarships: Offered by UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, these are merit-based awards for Bangladeshi students exhibiting both academic and leadership prowess.
  • Trinity MBA Scholarships: Trinity College Dublin provides this for outstanding Bangladeshi students aiming for their MBA program.
  • DCU Executive MBA Scholarships: Dublin City University's reward to Bangladeshi MBA aspirants showcasing exceptional professional and academic achievements.
  • CUBS MBA Scholarships: Cork University Business School offers this scholarship based on both merit and financial need.
  • NUIG MBA Leadership Scholarships: For Bangladeshi students at the National University of Ireland, Galway, demonstrating remarkable leadership qualities.
  • Limerick MBA Scholarships: The University of Limerick provides these to Bangladeshi students showcasing both academic excellence and significant work experience.
  • RCSI MBA Scholarships: Exclusively for Bangladeshi students enrolling in healthcare-focused MBA programs at the Royal College of Surgeons.
  • Griffith College MBA Scholarships: Tailored for Bangladeshi students showcasing significant professional achievements and leadership qualities.
  • Maynooth University MBA Scholarships: These are merit-based awards available for Bangladeshi students with an exceptional academic and professional records.
  • Athlone IT MBA Scholarships: Athlone Institute of Technology's offering to Bangladeshi students displaying both academic brilliance and leadership potential.
For Bangladeshi students, these Scholarships in Ireland can be the stepping stone towards a thriving global business career, blending the best of both worlds.

PhD Scholarships in Ireland

In the realm of advanced academia, Ireland stands as a beckoning hub for Bangladeshi scholars pursuing PhD studies. A treasure trove of PhD scholarships awaits, offering not just financial support but a passage to groundbreaking research and intellectual exploration. In this section, we delve into the realm of PhD scholarships, showcasing Ireland's commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration among Bangladeshi students as they embark on a transformative journey of knowledge creation and discovery.

A PhD journey in Ireland can be transformative and numerous scholarships are in place to aid Bangladeshi research students.

  • Irish Research Council Scholarships: Offered to international students, including Bangladeshis, aiming for doctoral studies in Ireland.
  • UCD PhD Scholarships: University College Dublin's merit-based awards for exceptional Bangladeshi PhD aspirants.
  • Trinity Postgraduate Research Scholarships: Trinity College Dublin provides these to Bangladeshi students demonstrating research brilliance.
  • NUIG Doctoral Research Scholarships: Open to Bangladeshi students with an outstanding research proposal at the National University of Ireland, Galway.
  • UL Research Scholarships: The University of Limerick offers these to high-calibre Bangladeshi research scholars.
  • Maynooth University Doctoral Fellowships: Available for Bangladeshi students showcasing excellence in research methodologies and academic writing.
  • DIT PhD Scholarships: For Bangladeshi students pursuing interdisciplinary research at Dublin Institute of Technology.
  • RCSI PhD Scholarships in Health Sciences: Tailored for Bangladeshi students diving deep into health and medical research at the Royal College of Surgeons.
  • DCU Research Scholarships: Dublin City University's recognition of Bangladeshi students demonstrating an innovative research approach.
  • Cork IT Research Scholarships: Cork Institute of Technology offers these to Bangladeshi students with promising research proposals in various domains.
As a research scholar from Bangladesh, these Scholarships in Ireland can pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and a prestigious academic journey.

How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in Ireland?

Applying for Scholarships in Ireland can seem daunting, especially when one is unfamiliar with the process. For Bangladeshi students and others alike, there's a systematic approach to it:

  1. Research and Shortlist:
  • Delve deep into scholarship databases, university websites, and the Irish government's education portals.
  • Identify scholarships tailored for Bangladeshi students, if available.
  • Understand the eligibility criteria, award amount and other benefits.
  1. Application Timeline:
  • Mark essential deadlines on your calendar.
  • Give yourself ample time for research, documentation and potential interviews.
  1. Documentation:
  • Academic records and transcripts.
  • Language proficiency scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL, if required.
  • Letters of recommendation from academic or professional references.
  • Statement of purpose or essays detailing your aspirations and reasons for applying.
  • Updated CV or resume.
  1. Online/Offline Application:
  • While most Irish institutions have moved to online applications, a few might still use traditional methods.
  • Ensure you've filled out all required fields and uploaded essential documents.
  1. Application Fee:
  • Some scholarships might have a nominal application fee.
  • Keep your credit/debit card or other payment methods ready.
  1. Attend Interviews/Tests:
  • Certain scholarships, especially those based on merit, may require interviews or aptitude tests.
  • Be well-prepared and familiarise yourself with potential questions or test patterns.
  1. Await Response:
  • After submission, it's a waiting game. Use this time to prepare for other aspects of your academic journey in Ireland.
  1. Acceptance and Formalities:
  • On receiving a scholarship offer, accept it formally through the given method.
  • There might be additional paperwork or commitments, such as research assistance or internships.
Remember, each scholarship will have its nuances. It's essential to understand each one's unique requirements and tailor your application accordingly. For Bangladeshi students eyeing Scholarships to study in Ireland for Bangladeshi students and others, detailed research and a thorough approach can significantly enhance your chances.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for Ireland Scholarships

We unravel a collection of expert tips that guide aspiring scholars through the intricate process of scholarship applications. From highlighting academic achievements to showcasing leadership potential, these strategies offer valuable insights to stand out in a competitive pool and increase the likelihood of being awarded a scholarship that paves the way for an exceptional educational journey in Ireland.

  1. Start Early:
  • The early bird catches the worm. Dive into research well ahead of deadlines to ensure you don't miss any opportunity.
  1. Tailor your Applications:
  • Avoid one-size-fits-all applications. Craft your essays and SOPs to resonate with each scholarship's unique criteria.
  1. Stellar Academic Record:
  • Maintain an impressive academic track. It’s often the first thing scholarship panels notice.
  1. Engage in Extracurriculars:
  • An all-rounded profile goes a long way. Whether it’s sports, arts, or community service - your unique experiences can be your edge.
  1. Stay Updated with Eligibility Criteria:
  • Make sure you meet all criteria, from academic qualifications to linguistic proficiencies like IELTS or TOEFL.
  1. Seek Recommendations Early:
  • Give your recommenders ample time. A well-thought-out recommendation letter can work wonders.
  1. Network with Current Scholars:
  • Connecting with students who've secured "Ireland scholarships for Bangladeshi students" can provide invaluable insights.
  1. Proofread Multiple Times:
  • Ensure your applications are free from errors. Grammatical mistakes or factual discrepancies can cost you dearly.
  1. Stay Updated on Current Affairs:
  • Sometimes, scholarship interviews may venture into global or regional discussions. Being informed showcases your awareness.
  1. Demonstrate Genuine Interest:
  • Show them why Ireland. Your passion for studying in Ireland and how it aligns with your career or research goals can be persuasive.

For Bangladeshi students, securing a scholarship in Ireland can be a dream come true. With perseverance, thoroughness, and a bit of strategic planning, the dream is very much attainable. And remember, experts at places like AECC are always there to guide you through the intricacies of Fully-funded scholarships for Bangladeshi students and more.


How to get scholarships in Ireland?

You will find details of several scholarships in Ireland at AECC. You can choose from the list and apply for all the ones you seem fit.

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