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It is crucial to make the right decision regarding the course in a suitable overseas institution. There are multiple factors that are considered when an international student comes to a conclusion. Not only money but the long-term objectives must be kept in mind. Talking with an Education Counsellor from AECC Global will help you in your career goals and we’ll give you expert guidance on the study choices that will get you there.

Meet us Virtually now! We are at your fingertips to help you guide you through your journey. Valuable information and advice are offered by the experts & if you are puzzled among the various courses, our counsellors will help you. The goal of counseling is to offer students useful life lessons so that they can advance in their careers as professionals. Students can pick from a variety of courses offered by leading Institutions and prepare themselves for a certain field based on their education and interests.

We can help our students on the following basis:

  • Help on to choose a destination to pursue your education.
  • Considering university and courses of education in Australia, Canada, UK.
  • Scholarships Guidance for student studies.
  • Assistance with student visas.
  • Pre-departure Session & Accommodation Support.
Student Services

Seek Direction from an Overseas Education Industry Leader

Confused about the sea of options? Our experts will guide and assist you in university, course election, visa application. With almost 10 years of experience and a wonderful team of QEAC Certified Education Counsellors, AECC Global can give you all the guidance and services you need to study abroad. 

We will begin with understanding your goals, our experts will guide you to find the right course based on your area of interests at an institution of your choice. We’ll help arrange everything, from your course application to offer letter and study visa. We will also guide you on accommodation health cover and insurance, applicable financial assistance, and scholarships you could get.

Your Life Cycle at AECC Global

Lifecycle student services

Education Counselling

We are here to narrow it down and find a suitable option. Help you navigate your academic career smoothly with expert guidance and advice.

Find the right course

Application Process

Steer through courses and get assistance through the application process at your desired institution.

Find the right course

Guidance on Finances

We will help you find suitable aid and assist you through the process and help you in applying for them.

Study Abroad

Guidance on Visa Document

We have professional visa experts who will assist you through the procedure and outcome. 


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