Make your Ireland Student visa
process effortless

Learn everything you need to know about Ireland Student Visa
and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Make your Ireland visa process effortless
Learn everything you need to know about Ireland Student Visa and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Ireland Student Visa for Bangladeshi Students

Has Ireland stolen a piece of your heart, and has it become your favourite destination to embark on your higher education? Well, it is not more astounding to know why you have chosen Ireland. The European country can be anyone’s favourite, owing to its unparalleled natural beauty and wonders. Given its profound culture, hearty cuisine, remarkable history, lively cities, friendly people and more, the country is sure to lure everyone to its enchanting land. The Irish people are more friendly, outgoing, and fond of food, talk, and exploration. If you visit Ireland, you are sure to enjoy the country, its magnificent places and the cordiality of the people. No wonder, Ireland ranks at 3rd position for being one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Now, to travel to Ireland, you need a legal endorsement from the country’s immigration authorities. The acquisition of the legal endorsement is through the visa application process. The visa application process has been made compulsory to seek legal permission to travel to the country by submitting essential documents and attending an interview conducted by the visa officer.

In this article, we will comprehensively guide you for the visa application process by listing all the Ireland Student Visa requirements. You can find the complete information related to Ireland Student Visa for Bangladeshi Students. 

We will list its process, requirements, processing time, refusal reasons and more. Read the blog to the end to update yourself on all the latest information regarding Ireland Student Visa for Bangladeshi Students.

Ireland Student Visa Latest News

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, the Department of Justice and Equality in Ireland, is responsible for issuing Student Visas to international students. Shortly called INIS, announces all the updates and the latest information on Ireland Student Visa.
As per INIS, there are no major changes or updates regarding Ireland Student Visa for international students. The standard student visa policies and rules remain the same as per the latest update issued on March 2023.

Types of Ireland Student Visa for Bangladeshi Students

There are two types of Ireland Student Visas issued for all international students.
  • Short Stay C Visa - Students can opt for the Short Stay C Visa if their study period is less than 90 days.
  • Long Stay D Visa - Students with more than 90 days of study can opt for the Long Stay D Visa.

Ireland Student Visa Fee


The Ireland Student Visa fee for Bangladeshi students is €60, which equals 6,940 Bangladeshi Takas. Ireland Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students.
You must fulfil three major requirements to start your visa application process to study in Ireland.
  • You must have applied for a Full-time day course.
  • You must have received your Confirmation Letter of Enrollment from your University
  • You must have paid your fees for the course you opted.

Ireland Student Visa IELTS Requirements

The Irish universities expect a minimum of 5.5 band overall on the 9-band scale in IELTS to consider them giving the Confirmation of Enrollment letter.



Documents Required for Ireland Student Visa

Below listed are some of the documents required for Ireland Student Visa:-
  • The completely filled Visa application form, signed and dated by you.
  • Your Visa application letter, that must have your personal details, the reason for your visit to Ireland, your family members in Ireland and the dates of your arrival and departure from Ireland.
  • A couple of colour passport-size photographs at most six months old.
  • A passport which has a validity of 12 months after your arrival in Ireland.
  • A full copy of all previous passports.
  • The Letter of Acceptance provided by your college or university.
  • An official document stating your gaps in education.
  • Evidence of employment history.
  • Proof of fee payment to your college or university.
  • Evidence of academic ability (Mark sheets, Degree certificates, etc.).
  • Score certificate of the English Language Proficiency exam you attended.
  • Proof of fund.
  • Private Medical Insurance.
  • Documents of your previous visa refusals.
  • Completely filled Summary of Finances form.

When Can I apply for Ireland Student Visa?

 Students who have received their Confirmation Letter of Enrollment from an Irish university must start their visa application process before three months of their departure to Ireland.


Ireland Visa Process

Students must follow the steps below to apply for the Ireland Student Visa.
  • Visit the Ireland government's official visa application page, AVATS Online Application Facility.
  • Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page, which will take you to the next page.
  • On the next page, read the information clearly and tick the small box below.
  • Checking the box indicates that you understand the rules and regulations and give the visa consulate office permission to process and validate your provided information.
  • After giving permission, click on the AVATS Online Application Form box given at the bottom of the right side.
  • The tab will take you to the visa application page.
  • Fill in all the information asked.
  • Once filled, click on the save and continue button.
  • Attach all the supporting documents.
  • Pay your visa fee and your application will be submitted.

Ireland Visa Processing Time

The INIS takes around 4 to 8 weeks to process and issue a Student Visa.
It may take longer,
  • If students don’t submit all the essential supporting documents are submitted.
  • If the INIS need more time to verify the provided information.
Do you find it tiring to arrange all these documents on your own? If you contact AECC, our experts can ease the entire process for you!



What to do if my Visa application is Refused?

Students getting their visa application refused can appeal for reconsideration to the INIS. Their appeal must be done within three months of the refusal.
Your visa application refusal letter will have the reasons for the refusal. The letter will also mention whether the INIS has granted you the right to appeal the decision. If yes, the INIS will mention the protocols to follow, to appeal their decision.
Bangladeshi students must submit their appeal by post to the Ireland Embassy in their country.


How to check my Visa Status?


  • Students can check the INIS decision on their visa application on the visa decisions page.
    If your application is Approved:
    INIS will contact you to issue your visa. If they don’t contact you, 
    • Visit the Irish Embassy or Honorary Consulate Office (or)
    • Visit the Dublin Visa office in your country.
    If your application is Refused:
    INIS will write to you by letter or mail stating the reasons for their decision. If you don’t receive their email or letter,
    • Visit the Irish Embassy or Honorary Consulate Office (or)
    • Visit the Dublin Visa office in your country.

How AECC helps to get Ireland Student Visa?

AECC helps students by informing them of the documents needed to be submitted for visa application. We will also assist you in filling in the application form, verifying it and following up with the authorities, all at free of cost.
Students can approach AECC to start their visa application process. At AECC, we provide extensive support to students to receive their Student Visas successfully. Our expert counsellors will guide and assist you at each stage of the process to meet all your requirements. Drop by at any of our offices or send a message to any social media handles. We will contact you at the earliest and start assisting you right away.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a student visa for Ireland from Bangladesh?

It takes around 4 to 8 weeks to receive an Ireland Student Visa from Bangladesh.

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