Study In Ireland

Ireland is a safe country to study with evolved structure and progressive economy. It is home to  9 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Ireland’s academic institutions are well-known for their excellence in various disciplines. For students who are interested in research, Ireland is renowned as the international location for cutting edge and advance scientific research. It is filled with a youthful and high-spirited population with  40% of the population under the age of 25. Ireland offers an extensive range of employment opportunities in over 1000 multi-national companies based in Ireland.
Why study in Ireland? The universities situated in Ireland rank in the top 3% worldwide. Their research institutions are a few of the best and world's biggest companies that have their fundamental strategic research centers and international students have the opportunity to participate in research programs that are bringing change. The fastest-growing economy in the Eurozone and the 6th most competitive world is the Irish economy.

Education system

The Ireland education system has institutions, colleges, monasteries that date back to 500 AD and have built some of the greatest universities in the world. Ireland ranks  3rd out of 27 EU countries for reading literacy and 4th out of OECD countries. Academic institutions and universities in Ireland guide the world in areas of study like social science, humanities, and natural sciences which is advantageous for students to study in Ireland's education system.

Universities In Ireland

Ireland is home to one of the seven ancient universities which are Trinity college of Dublin which is a university in Ireland for international students. It is Ireland's highest-ranked university with major disciplines in business, law, engineering, science, health, and arts and humanities. Ireland has some of the best courses like 
  • Business Analytics with a combination of data analytics, Computer programming, business Intelligence. 
  • Pharmaceutical Science: Ireland has a mix of indigenous and international companies where students like biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, and other areas. 
  • Investment Banking and Finance: There is large career scope in finance as students can choose financial analyst, financial trader, Corporate financial Banker, and various others.  
  • Construction: Students are taught crucial elements of construction technology and management. Site management, contract management are a few of the career prospects that students can choose.
  • Big Data / Data Science: Data is crucial and exists in every field. Dublin has multiple MNC’s that offer employment opportunities. The courses include intelligent data capture techniques, data cleansing, mining, statistics, and mathematics. 
Some of the top universities in ireland are mentioned below:

  • University College Cork
  • University Of Dublin
  • Dublin City University
  • Galway University
  • National University Of Ireland
  • Maynooth University 
  • Waterford Institute Of Technology
  • Dublin Business School

Study In Ireland Cost

There are multiple advantages to studying in Ireland as an international student as they are on an Island nation that offers different career options and has one of the best education systems. The cost of studying in ireland for international students tends to vary and fluctuate constantly. Courses like arts, humanities, social sciences tend to lesser than courses like business, medicine, and engineering.

Study in Ireland Cost: 

S.No Courses Average Cost in per Year (BDT)
1 Under Graduates Degree 9,50,000 to 25.00,000
2 Postgraduate Masters 9,50,000 to 35,00,000
3 Doctoral Degree 10,00,000 to 35,00,000

  • The undergraduate bachelor degree ranges from BDT 9,50,000 to BDT 25.00,000 annually. 
  • The postgraduate master’s degree ranges from BDT 9,50,000 to BDT 35,00,000 annually 
  • The doctoral degree ranges from BDT 10,00,000 to BDT 35,00,000

Student Health Insurance Ireland

Students must ensure that they obtain health insurance. It is also essential to show proof of health insurance while applying for the visa. They can apply for private health insurance which will ensure the choice of hospital, doctor, and hospital accommodation if one is ill. The Health insurance ireland cost is around BDT 1,50,000 to 25,00,00 annually. It can fluctuate and mainly depend on the plan chosen by the students.

Scholarships In Ireland

Ireland offers scholarships that will aid and assist students in terms of finance. It also offers full scholarships for international students with masters in Ireland for students who are interested in research programs or doctoral degrees. There are various scholarships like:

  • The government of Ireland International education scholarship - where 60 scholarships are entrusted for a year study at Bachelor, Master or PhD. Students will be given up to a BDT 10,00,000( €10000) stipend for 1 year of study. 
  • The Walsh fellowship is granted to postgraduate students with BDT up to 23,00,000(€22,000), duration is up to 2 years for and up to 4 years for a doctoral degree and preferably at  Teagasc Research Centre.
  • The government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship funds across all disciplines and provides students to direct their research. Students will be granted up to BDT 16,00,000(€16,000)

Ireland Visa Requirements For Bangladeshi Citizens

The student visa requirements are a Letter of Acceptance from the college/university, an English language proficiency certificate, Medical Insurance, sufficient funds to assist student stay, and commitment to leave Ireland on the expiry of their passport. 

Visa process to study in Ireland for Bangladeshi students:

  1. Register with AECC Global and talk with an Education Counsellor.
  2. Choose a course according to areas of interest
  3. Shortlist a university that suits an individual’s preferences, entry requirements, and budget
  4. Apply for the Ireland university with the assistance
  5. Get counselling on Ireland student visa from experts
  6. Pay financial deposits
  7. Receive confirmation from the university
  8. Apply for your visa with help.
  9. Attend the pre-departure session and get ready to depart for Ireland.