Study in USA

Why study in usa? The US offers Flexibility in deciding a major, students aren't required to decide a major until the end of their second year of education as students can explore and make a decision. US has 48 out of the top 100 global universities according to the U.S. News & World Report. US provides internships programmes to encourage students career. Students get the chance to study a wide range of academic subjects as universities in us require students to take general education core classes. The campus activities surpass the academics as the US community is what wins the students. The US is known for its diversity of student body on campus, where they have as it offers to more than 1 million international students. The US ensures to assist and aid the students in and outside the classroom like visa issues, financial aid, English language skills and cultural adjustment as well.

US Education System

Us university education system has a great array of options where students can choose shorter or longer courses. They offer: 

  • Associate degree programs for 2 years which is job-oriented helping in launching a career. Bachelors degree programs for 3-4 years includes fundamental courses like major, minor and elective. 
  • Masters degree( Professional) programs are or 1-3 years which guides students from their basic degree to a particular profession. 
  • Master’s degree programs( Academic) is for 2 years granted in transitional disciplines like science, art, and humanities. 
  • Doctorate degree programs for 5-8 years is obtained on completion of the dissertation and successful defence before a panel of experienced faculty members. 

Universities In USA

The US provides students with more than two intakes which allow students to enrol in august/ September known as the fall semester, January/February intake usually known as spring intake and Summer intake during May/august. The top universities in USA are 58 out of 100 and have some of the most prestigious universities like Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of technology. 

This is a list of universities in usa where students can pursue various degrees: 

  • Atlantis University 
  • California State University 
  • Colorado State University 
  • Concord University 
  • La Sierra University 
  • Lincoln University 
  • Manhattan College 
  • Manhattan Institute of Management 
  • New York Film Academy 
  • University of California, San Diego 
  • Western New England University 
  • Wichita State University

Average Cost Of Studying In USA

The US has public colleges and universities, private colleges and universities, community colleges, vocational and technical career colleges. These prices can fluctuate and depend on the course chosen by the student. 
S.No Courses Cost in per Year BDT Cost in USD
1 Community Colleges 5,00,000 to 16,00,000 $6,000 to $20,000
2 Undergraduate Bachelor Degree 16,00,000 to 34,00,000 $20,000 to $40,000
3 Postgraduate Master’s degree 15,00,000 to 22,00,000 $20,000 to $45,000
4 Doctoral degree 24,00,000 to 46,00,000 $28,000 to $55,000

Student Visa USA

The USA has visas like J1, F1, or M1 visas. The student visa fee is BDT 13760.00 ($160). The usa visa requirements are documents that show strong social, financial ties towards their home country that urge them to return to their home country. Financial and other documents to support the students’ application and credible evidence of funds. M1 applicants must show the potential to pay the academic fees and living costs during their stay. Photocopies of bank statements and if the student is financially assisted by other people, proof of relationship to the sponsor, and the sponsors’ documents. Academic documents like English exams (TOEFL) or standard tests (SAT) must be provided to demonstrate scholastic preparation.

Health Insurance USA

The students must have overseas health insurance during their intended stay. The U.S department-state needs exchange visitors on a J-1 visa and their dependents on a J-2 visa to be covered by health insurance. F1 visas don’t require any government-related health insurance requirements to fulfil. However, they are supposed to have adequate health insurance. The universities also tend to have guidelines set that must be followed. The average cost for health insurance is around BDT 2500 to 12,000 ($30-$140)per month.


Scholarships In USA

The U.S offers multiple scholarships and grants to support students through their entire journey. The scholarships for foreign students in usa include a Community college initiative program that provides up to one year at a U.S community college where students improve their technical skills through service learning, internships, and on-field learning. The Foreign Fulbright Student Program is a scholarship for masters in the USA or PhD programs.

The Microsoft Scholarships undergraduate scholarship in USA for bangladeshi students applicable to computer science or STEM disciplines. The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation grants to Bangladeshi students applying for a master programme with high academic scores in the areas of science, humanities applied sciences, law, pure science, architecture, social science and management. There are other scholarships like Inlaks Scholarships awarded to individuals under 30 registering for graduate courses, Humphrey Fellowship Program, and Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship.