Over 56,000 International Students have Returned to Australia in the Last Six Weeks Till 30 Jan

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More than 56,000 international students have arrived in Australia since Nov 2021 and 7,000 of those arrived between 23 Jan & 30 Jan 2022 alone. Adding more to it, 50,000 more student visa applications have been filed since late 2021.

No wonder why Australia is one of the favourite destinations for international students. More recently after the pandemic, great hope has come into every aspirant from all over the world. Let's see it in numbers! More than 56,000 have flocked back to Australia since November 2021. Not only that, 2022 has had an amazing start. You won't believe it. Around 7000 international students have arrived in Australia between 23 Jan and 30 Jan 2022. This shows an amazing hope and aspiration of students among students from all over the world to resume their studies in Australia.

"Visa grants to international students are flowing as a result of the Minister directing the Department to allocate additional resources to processing the visas of International Students."

Department of Home Affairs

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said in ABC news the word "promising" and also stated that still thousands of students are actively seeking to study in Australia. This positive impact is continuing more with the announcements that stated the reopening of Australian international borders to all fully vaccinated travellers including tourists from 21 February 2022.

The Australian government and universities are active in supporting the incoming international students not only in arrival but also with academic programmes, scholarships, waivers and world-class infrastructure.

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