PTE Exam Syllabus -
Curriculum for PTE

PTE Exam Syllabus -
Curriculum for PTE

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PTE Exam Syllabus

The Pearson Test of English, popularly known as the PTE, is a computer-administered exam tailored to evaluate an individual's command of the English language. Renowned for its meticulously crafted PTE exam syllabus, this assessment serves as a beacon for English fluency. It is recognised by over 3000 educational entities spanning countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. Originated by the Pearson PLC Group, the PTE Academic exam is a key step for students and aspirants keen on advancing their studies or settling in prominent English-speaking nations. To shine in this endeavour, candidates must familiarise themselves with the PTE syllabus for 2024. Covering core areas like Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening, the syllabus is a comprehensive guide to all who wish to validate their linguistic prowess and embark on a global academic journey.

PTE Academic Syllabus: Section-Wise

The Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) meticulously assesses the four pivotal pillars of language comprehension: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. This comprehensive evaluation is tailored to verify that aspirants are not only well-equipped to thrive in a global educational ambience but are also proficient in the English language—often referred to as the global lingua franca. Excelling in this assessment is a testament to both university admission panels and visa authorities that the candidate is adept in the predominant language of their chosen study-abroad destination.

Scoring high in the PTE exam bears further significance; it accentuates the candidates' ability to articulate their thoughts, navigate the nuances of international discourse, and seamlessly interact within a diverse milieu comprising peers from varied geographies and globally attuned faculty members. In essence, the PTE syllabus prepares students to immerse in global academia, communicating effectively in a universally recognised tongue.

PTE Speaking and Writing

PTE Speaking and Writing section offers a lucid reflection of its intent through its name, laying emphasis on gauging candidates' adeptness in two paramount modes of communication: verbal and written. Spanning a duration of roughly 54 to 67 minutes, this segment stands as the most extended portion of the PTE exam. With seven distinct question categories under its purview, it aims to emulate the English language nuances one might encounter within academic corridors.

This segment is intricately divided into seven sub-sections, each uniquely designed to assess a candidate's spontaneity in both speaking out and penning down their thoughts to fresh content. To provide a clearer perspective, the overarching Speaking and Writing section, oscillating between 54 and 67 minutes, has specific time allocations for each of its constituent sub-parts, which are as follows:

Segments Pattern

Time Duration

Personal Introduction          

55 seconds: 25 seconds for prompt, 30 seconds to record

Read Aloud

30-40 seconds to prepare for reading out the text of 60 words

Repeat Sentence

15 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 15 seconds to record

Describe Image

25 seconds are granted to study the image as well as prepare your response on the same

Re-Tell Lecture

90 seconds for prompt length, 10 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to answer

Answer Short Question

20 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 10 seconds to answer

Summarise Written Text

10 minutes to answer a text prompt of 300 words


20 minutes to answer a text prompt of 2-3 sentences

Total Questions

28 - 36

Time Allocation

54 - 67 minutes

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PTE Reading

PTE Reading section shines a spotlight on candidates' capacity to decode and grasp written English directives, embodying the essence of textual understanding. Segregated thoughtfully into five distinct segments, this portion of the exam stretches over a concise span of 29 to 30 minutes. To offer a more granulated understanding of how the reading experience unfolds, let's dive into the specific time allotment for each individual subsection within this category:

Segments Pattern

Time Duration varies on the length of the Text Prompt

Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer

Read 300 words of text

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers

Read 300 words of text

Re-Order Paragraphs

Read 150 words of text

Reading: Fill in the Blanks

Read 80 words of text

Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

Read 300 words of text

PTE Listening

Stretching from a window of 30 to 43 minutes, the
PTE Listening section is meticulously crafted to evaluate a candidate's prowess in discerning spoken English. It beckons students to lean in attentively, absorbing the essence of the audio clip presented and retaining its core messages. With its architecture spanning across eight well-defined sub-sections, each portion has its distinct time allocation. For a clearer perspective on how this auditory journey is structured, here's a breakdown of the time distribution for each segment:

Segments Pattern

Time Duration

Summarise Spoken Text

60-90 seconds to retain  50-70 words, 10 minutes to write

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

40-90 seconds for prompt

Fill in the Blanks

30-60 seconds

Highlight Correct Summary

30-90 seconds

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

30-60 seconds

Select Missing Word

20-70 seconds

Highlight Incorrect Words

15-50 seconds

Write From Dictation

3-5 seconds

PTE Pattern 2024

When preparing for the PTE, understanding the intrinsic bond between the PTE pattern and syllabus is of paramount importance. The PTE syllabus is, in essence, a manifestation of the PTE exam structure. Here's an overview of the PTE exam pattern for 2024:

PTE Format


PTE Pattern

An English language exam has been developed to test the Speaking & Writing Skills (54 – 67 minutes), Reading skills (29 – 30 minutes), and Listening skills (30 – 43 minutes) of candidates wanting to study abroad in an English-speaking country. 

PTE Duration

2 hours and a Single test session


Computer-based with headset


Taken in a test centre / Home Edition

Test Type

Assesses real-life English

Test Layout

20 question types

To glean detailed insights into each section's intricacies, consult the dedicated descriptions accompanying every segment:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

Breakdown of Question Types in the PTE Syllabus

For those navigating the waters of the PTE exam, it's pivotal to familiarise oneself with the types of questions one might encounter. Here’s a categorised snapshot:


  • Multiple-choice answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Re-order paragraphs


  • Summarise spoken text
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple-choice answers
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from dictation

Speaking and Writing:

  • Personal introduction
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer short questions
  • Read aloud
  • Summarise spoken text
  • Describe image
  • Repeat sentence
  • Essay writing

PTE General Syllabus

The PTE General exam stands as a testament to the milestones achieved in the English language learning journey. Tailored for non-native English speakers, this exam accentuates your ability to communicate seamlessly in real-world scenarios. However, it's noteworthy that this particular test is not accredited for immigration validations.

At the heart of the PTE General lies a bifurcation into two core segments: the Written and the Spoken. These segments meticulously assess a participant's reading, listening, writing, and speaking faculties, ensuring a holistic evaluation of one's English prowess.

A salient feature of the PTE General exam is the demarcation of six distinct levels of proficiency. These tiers, integrally connected to the esteemed Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), provide a roadmap for understanding and gauging one's linguistic proficiency in the English language.

PTE General Proficiency Levels

Proficiency Level





1 hour 15 minutes



1 hour 30 minutes



1 hour 35 minutes



2 hours



(Operational Proficiency)

2 hours 30 minutes


Proficient (Mastery)

2 hours 55 minutes

PTE Academic Online

With the advent of
PTE Academic Online, taking the exam has been redefined, offering the luxury of choosing your preferred environment, be it your cosy home or any other conducive spot. While this mode mirrors the traditional Academic version in terms of its pattern, there's a pivotal distinction to note: results derived from PTE Academic Online aren't currently acknowledged for visa processing.

It's essential for aspirants to exercise due diligence. Before you tread down this path, it's prudent to ascertain whether your prospective educational institution endorses the PTE Academic Online. This ensures alignment with institutional requirements and seamless admissions.

For Bangladeshi students eyeing the global educational horizon, understanding the PTE syllabus is pivotal. This comprehensive guide is tailored to ensure every aspirant from the heart of South Asia is well-equipped for success. With AECC's unwavering support, we aim to bridge the gap between your dreams and world-class institutions abroad. So, dive deep into the syllabus, prepare diligently, and let your English proficiency open doors to unparalleled opportunities. The world awaits Bangladesh!

Get in touch with our expert counsellors at AECC and get exclusive tips to ace your PTE exam! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Syllabus for the PTE Academic Test?

The PTE syllabus encompasses the Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening sections.


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