UK vs Australia Country Comparision for Bangladeshi Students

UK and Australia both are popular among students for higher education. Many students going to study abroad visit either of these two places. The UK is mainly popular among students for Oxford University, which ranks globally and nationally. Australia is famous for the University of Melbourne, ANU, etc. These two rank globally and nationally. B...

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Education System in Australia for Bangladeshi Students

The Australian education system is regarded as one of the greatest in the world for both domestic and international students. It provides high-quality education and worldwide recognised qualifications. Students can also get fantastic employment opportunities after graduating from Australia.Australia's higher education institutes are also well known...

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Study MPH in Australia for International Students

MPH, also known as Master of public health, is a postgraduate interdisciplinary program. It deals with the study of areas related to public health. It is designed to focus primarily on public health services. Studying MPH in Australia is an excellent option as it provides students with extensive and in-depth knowledge in the field. It also consolid...

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Study Physiotherapy In Australia for International Students

Physiotherapy is one of the many famous courses that students pursue in Australia. It is a science-based profession and takes a whole-person approach to health and wellbeing. It mainly deals with physical therapy. It is a kind of treatment for people affected by illness, injury, and disability through advice, movement, exercise, or manual therapy.&...

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Study CA in Australia for International Students

Studying a chartered accountant or certified accountant program in Australia is rewarding. It consists of rigorous education and the application of skills in the workplace. To study CA in Australia, one has to go through various eligibility criteria and make sure they are eligible. This is the first and foremost step. Once they are sure a...

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BBA in Australia for International Students

In Australia, there is a three-year course for business administration. Its degree is called a BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration. This program is mainstream in Australian universities and offers specialisation in economics, accounting, commerce, and emerging fields like management in hospitality, etc.  There is some basic information ...

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Master in Data Science in Australia for International Students

A master's degree in data science is one of many in-demand courses today. Data scientists are in high demand worldwide since it is essential to make successful decisions. This, in combination with the Australian education system, acts as an ultimate win for any student. Australian universities and colleges offer high-quality education and training ...

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Engineering Salary in Australia for International Students

Australia has had increasing vacancies in engineering jobs over the last 12 months. So, now is the best time to apply for engineering jobs in Australia. The first step is deciding which is the most suitable job option. Some of Australia's most demanded engineering jobs are: Software DeveloperICT Business and System AnalystsCivil EngineeringMining E...

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Canada Vs Australia Country Comparison for International Students

Canada and Australia are well-known among students for their fantastic study programs. They are home to some of the best universities globally, with Australia having 7 in the Top 100 universities. In contrast, Canada only has 3 in the Top 100.Both Canada and Australia are hotspots for international students pursuing higher education. Every year, ma...

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Study Data Science in Australia

Australia presents a golden opportunity for Bangladeshi students to study Data Science and pursue a career in that field. The best part about studying Data Science in Australia is that students will find courses that will help them hone their skills. Many Australian colleges allow international students, including those from Bangladesh, to pursue a...

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Hospitality Management in Australia

The Hospitality Management Course equips students with the skills and knowledge required to work in the hospitality industry. It is suitable for Bangladeshi students who want to advance their careers in this interesting, diverse, and dynamic field. The hospital management course combines a hands-on learning syllabus with a broad collection of hospi...

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Study Animation in Australia

"Animation is not the art of drawing that moves, but the art of movements that are drawn".  If you have a knack for creativity and are fascinated by cartoon shows, video games, etc., the curiosity about how animated characters come alive on our screens might captivate your interest to study animation. If you are passionate about becoming an an...

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MBA in Australia for Bangladeshi Students

Australia is one of the best countries for Bangladeshi students to pursue their higher education, including an MBA. Besides providing students with many course options in MBA, Australia presents Bangladeshi students with many career opportunities to help them grow as individuals and global citizens. An MBA in Australia provides students from Bangla...

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How Much does it Cost to Study in Australia for International Students?

Studying in Australia has always been one of the dreams of many students who aspire to build a successful career. And for those who wish to have this dream of theirs fulfilled, their obvious choice of destination is Australia, among the few top countries that provide top-notch quality education. To those of you who are reading our blog for the firs...

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Best Universities in Australia for International Students

Australia has 43 institutions, 37 of which are ranked among the top 1000 in the world by Times Higher Education Rankings. Australian universities are a mix of academic and instructional quality, cultural melting pots, and ground-breaking research possibilities. The best universities in Australia are so far dispersed that each state and territory ha...

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Post Study Work Rights in Australia for International Students

Do you intend to stay in Australia after finishing your studies? Learn about the post-study work rights in Australia for International students, what it comprises, who is eligible, and how to apply for one. Every student who plans to study outside of Bangladesh does so with the intention of returning to the nation. Either permanently or for a ...

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Post Graduate Courses in Australia for International Students

Australia is a perfect destination for international students who wish to study in one of the countries that has a very exciting world-class educational infrastructure with its universities being among the top-ranked in the World's University Rankings. Not only do they showcase some of the world's best universities that provide top-quality educatio...

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What are the Requirements to Study in Australia for International Students?

This is a profound question that is asked by every International student who seeks to study in Australia to further their education and build a successful career out of it. Another equally important question is, "how much money is required to study in Australia for International Students?", where this question deals with the monetary requireme...

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Top Reasons to Study in Australia for International Students

Latest BUZZ in Australia:Australian Borders will be open on 15th December 2021 and students who are fully vaccinated(double vaccination) will be allowed entry into Australia. The Australian Government has told that both current and former Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa holders who have lost time due to travel restrictions can...

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Part Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

Part-time Jobs in Australia for International Students

Australia is a land of opportunities for those who are eager to broaden their horizon in regards to studying abroad and build their career out of what they learn and experience. Among the many opportunities found here, the universities allow their students to do part-time jobs in Australia to help them earn for themselves to help with their expense...

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