Cost Of Living in the USA For Bangladeshi Students


The USA is often considered one of the most expensive countries to live in. However, this is not always true. The cost of living in the USA for Bangladeshi students depends highly on the area you live in, your spending habits, and much more. The cost of living includes all expenses like accommodation, utilities, meals, laundry, mobile and internet,...

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Intakes in the USA for International Students


The USA is one of the primary study abroad destinations among international students, and the reasons for the same are more than one. The country has an array of reputable universities that are a constant presence in several national and international rankings. There are three popular intakes to study in the USA. The Spring or January intake, Summe...

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Low-Cost Universities in Australia for International Students


The Australian education system ranks the third best in the world. This is due to the world-class universities, facilities provided by the government, and the ample amount of research opportunities that come along with it. The country's diverse culture and friendly atmosphere are the main reasons international students make it their top study-abroa...

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Study MPH in Australia for International Students


MPH stands for "Master of Public Health" It is a graduate-level health program that is focused on health principles. It is been designed for various individuals for people working on aspects of health. The various aspects of health may include epidemiology, health policy, health promotion, environmental health, and more.  .table_content a { co...

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SOP for Study in Australia


Suppose you have a dream to study in Australia. In that case, the Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important aspect you need to consider. When your SOP is well-written, it helps your application stand out from the competition and make your dream of studying at an Australian university come true. It is not just your achievements, grades, and experie...

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Aerospace Engineering in Australia from Bangladesh


There are plenty of options available for Bangladeshi students to study aeronautical engineering in Australia. Some of the best institutes in the world providing study options in aeronautical engineering are present in Australia. Therefore, Bangladeshi students can look forward to experiencing a rewarding and fulfilling career with an excellent sal...

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Best Post Graduate Courses in Canada for Bangladeshi Students


Canada is a popular study abroad destination with over 6,00,000 international students. It is well-known for its liberal and cosmopolitan society, world-class colleges, and numerous professional prospects, making it an excellent choice for international education. Because of the inexpensive investment and shorter course time, a Postgraduate Diploma...

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LLM in Canada


International students wishing to study LLM will find Canada an attractive and promising destination. The top-notch educational facilities that Canadian universities and colleges provide make them an automatic choice for students to pursue LLM courses in Canada. Canada is a progressive and welcoming country for international students and provides a...

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Hotel Management Courses after 12th for International Students


The fast growth of travel in today's globalised globe constantly increases hotel demand. However, students can pursue a career in hotel management, and there is no specific course that you need to study in 10th or 12thgrade to do so. To operate a hotel, one must handle a wide variety of tasks. You must be able to adapt to the new summons, assist va...

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What Are the Reasons for Visa Rejection and Refusal


Visa Rejection and refusal are common problems for many international students. A student's visa may get rejected if they make mistakes in the visa application and do not adhere to the rules. Immigration plays a significant role in determining a country's safety. Thus, even the most minor mistakes or errors may lead to visa rejection. It may also o...

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Best Courses to Study in UK for International Students


The United Kingdom is one of the oldest countries in the world with one of the most prominent education systems which is highly sought after by the various industries around the world. It is known for not just its beauty in its historic prestige, but also is known for delivering what it promises with a rich line of promising candidates that the job...

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Masters In Public Health (MPH) in UK for International Students


International students who wish to pursue a specialized career in the medical field in the UK can seriously consider MPH or Master of Public Health. The best part about this course is that it imparts students with the knowledge and skills required for handling critical emergency conditions effectively. The MPH course in the UK is about educating st...

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Study Llm in Australia for International Students


 Australia has long been a favourite destination among international students to study LLM. This trend is not surprising given that Australia is home to some of the largest and oldest legal institutes. International students can quickly expect to choose from a wide range of legal study options in Australia, which makes the country an automatic...

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Exams Required to Study in Australia for Bangladeshi Students

Exams Required to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the best study destinations in the world. Students from all around the world move to Australia for higher education. More than 400,000 international students move to Australia every year for their studies. It creates tough competition, and students must take an exam to prove themselves. Thus, international students need to appea...

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MBA in USA for Bangladeshi Students


Every professional's Curriculum Vitae benefits from having an American Master of Business Administration (MBA), especially those looking to stand out and advance in their careers. Additionally, it facilitates career advancement and has sway over decisions about departmental pay raises. The US MBA programme aims to give students the knowledge they n...

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