International Health Insurance for Students Studying Abroad

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International Health Insurance is a must for students pursuing studies abroad. It helps them cover their health expenses in foreign countries. These expenses include consultation fees, medical costs, and hospitalisation costs. Students get health coverage that provides them with payments in case of sickness or injuries.

Getting health treatments may get costly and cause financial strains. However, with health insurance, students can make hospital payments without such problems. However, they must review all the insurance details before picking the right one. This includes all the coverage details and applicable countries. 

What is Health Insurance for Students?

Health insurance may seem like no big deal to students. However, health insurance is a must when a student steps out of their home to study aboard. It helps them by providing coverage of hospital bills in case of emergencies.

In today's world, the majority of young adults are uninsured. Numerically, around 30% of students do not have medical coverage, leading to medical debts. However, they must have one since hospitals can be costly and lead to debts. E.g. The cost to fix a broken leg is around $7,500, with which $10,000 is charged for a one-day hospital stay. Without insurance, students will have to pay the total price, while with insurance, they can cut down the total by around 60% or more.

Students can choose from many health insurance plans that include parents' plan coverage and university-offered insurance. They can also opt for personal coverage and find their best plan. 

Why Do I Need International Student Health Insurance?

There are many reasons for students to have health insurance. Other than the medical expense coverage, they help also help secure no medical emergencies and much more. Some other benefits of international student health insurance are listed below:

  1. Medical Expense Coverage: Healthcare expenses are higher in foreign countries. This may cause financial strains and debts. However, health insurance help avoids that and provides coverage for most medical costs.
  2. Cashless Hospitalization: Students can enjoy the benefits of cashless hospitalisation if they seek treatment from one of the network hospitals. This is one of the significant benefits of health insurance. The medical bill is settled directly with the insurer, and students can get treated with 0 fee payment.
  3. Non-medical emergencies: Some medical insurances offer 360 protection and cover non-medical emergencies. They provide coverage of unfortunate events like study interruptions, loss of passports, baggage delays, and much more.
  4. Personal Liability Protection: Medical insurances may also cover third property damage or accidental lawsuits. They cover all the costs for unforeseen mishaps/accidents that may have led to injuries to the third party. These medical insurances secure expenses for third-party treatment and bail charges.
  5. Mandatory Aspects: It may be mandatory to have overseas travel insurance in some countries. Thus, it is preferable to go through the insurance policies and fulfil them if required.
  6. Additional Perks: Health insurances offer students many additional perks and benefits. They aid visiting family members, sponsor protection, cover repatriation for mortal remains, and provide monetary compensation for study interruptions. 

What are the Best International Student Insurance Plans?

  1. International Student Health Insurance by IMG:

Global offers various programs ranging from health insurance to insurance plans for ex-pats. They offer three types of plans; The patriot exchange programs, students' health advantage, and student health advantage platinum.

Patriot exchange programs are perfect for students studying in the USA. This program is designed to fulfil all the US health insurance requirements. It also covers children and spouses.

Students can choose between a maximum limit of $50,000 - $500,000 for illness and injuries. This insurance program also covers non-urgent cases, COVID 19 cases, and much more.

Students Health Advantage is for students in international study programs. It is ideal for students pursuing education in Europe under the Schengen Visa. It has plans for individuals and groups.

It covers all illnesses and injuries, including pre-existing conditions, maternity care, and mental health disorders. Additionally, it covers telemedical costs for non-urgent cases and COVID 19 coverage.

Student Health Advantage Platinum provides all the benefits of the student's health advantage and increased maximum coverage of $1,000,000.

2. International Health Insurance for Cigna Global Students

Cigna Global is one of the largest health insurance providers in the world. It is a well-reputed insurance provider in the health care industry and offers plans for ex-pats, students, and travellers.

Students can find three health insurance plans in Cigna Global; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It provides coverage worldwide with an option to include the US.

Students can find flexible plans with flexible payment policies like quarterly, monthly and annual payments. Along with this, students can also add modules like:

  • Dental and eye treatments
  • International crisis and evacuation assistance

1. Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz Worldwide Care is a reputed German insurance company. It offers health care insurance to immigrants, ex-pats, and students. It provides various insurance plan options to students in the United States.

Students can choose from 3 major insurance plans; basic, pro, and. They offer 24/7 customer support with easy and simple-to-use plan options. Additionally, the insurance includes the coverage of mental health issues like anxiety and stress.

2. Foyer Global Health

Foyer Global Health offers health insurance to people depending on their needs. They may custom and flexible insurance plans that best suit the individual. There are three plans that students can opt for; essential, unique and exclusive. 




Consultations, surgery, and anaesthetics

Consultations, surgery, and anaesthetics

Consultations, surgery, and anaesthetics

Therapeutic devices and devices only, if necessary, as a rescue measure, such as cardiac pacemakers

Therapeutic devices and devices up to € 2,000 for therapeutic aids and devices, such as artificial limbs and prostheses

Unlimited therapeutic devices and devices

Congenital diseases, only up to a maximum of € 100,000 per life

Congenital diseases up to a maximum of € 150,000 per life

  Congenital diseases up to a maximum of € 200,000 per life

Does not cover maternity and childbirth care.

Covers maternity and childbirth care, up to € 5,000 with a 10-month waiting period.

Maternity and childbirth care, midwife or nurse services at the hospital up to € 20,000 and a 10-month waiting period.

3. StudentSecure Insurance by HCCMIS

HCCMIS from the Tokio Marine group offers customized insurance plans for full-time students and scholars studying away from home. They meet all the insurance requirements according to J-1 visa requirements. Their insurance plan has emergency dental care of up to $250 per tooth and $500 in the certificate period.

These insurance plans have 4 levels of international students' coverage, they are:

Student Secure Elite

Student Secure Select

Student Secure Budget

Student Secure Smart

Offers the lowest deductibles and the highest maximum coverage

Meets J-1 visa requirement

Pre-existing condition coverage begins after 12 months of purchasing the insurance

Lowest cost plan (but also has lowest benefits)

Meets J-1 visa requirements 

You only must wait 6 months before a pre-existing condition can be covered

Meets J-1 visa requirement

Highest deductibles

You only must wait 6 months before a pre-existing condition can be covered

Optional Crisis Response rider for ransom, your personal belongings, and crisis fees

Mid-level benefits & deductible

Doesn’t cover club sports

Offers club/intramural/intercollegiate sports coverage



Meets J-1 visa requirement

Covers Personal Liability



Can only cover a pre-existing condition on its acute onset

International Student Health Insurance Plan Requirements

To achieve student health insurance, students must provide admission/ enrolment letters from their university and Visa documents. They must also provide various other documents related to their university and immigration.

How to Get Health Insurance for International Students?

Students can get health insurance plans in 4 ways:

  • Health Insurance from home town or country of origin.
  • The student's university offers healthcare insurance.
  • Healthcare insurance from Private Third party companies.
  • Basic Plan of the University along with Third-Party Private Insurance Plan (ISOA)

When Should You Get Student Insurance?

International students can get health insurance in their home country before university travel. However, they also can get insurance after going to university. It entirely depends on the student and their comfort.

What Does Health Insurance for International Students Cover?

International students' health insurance covers all hospital costs, including consultation, medication, and hospitalization costs. Along with this, it also covers:

  • Mental health coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Pre-existing condition coverage
  • Third-party coverage
  • Accident and Emergency coverage
  • Family member's health coverage

Can I Include Dependents on My Student Health Insurance?

Students can find several health insurances that provide coverage for family members. They can find an insurance program that best suits them and their family and get it. Even some university insurances cover family members' health nowadays.

How Much Does International Student Insurance Cost?

The cost of an insurance plan for international students depends on:

  • The duration of the study
  • Coverage needed
  • If dependents are included
  • If the coverage is for the USA or another country

Do I Lose Student Health Insurance If I Get a Job?

A student cannot use their student health insurance after getting a job. Their visa changes from a student's visa to a work visa, and they are no longer qualified for student insurance. Thus, they can opt for ex-pat health insurance or public insurance.

How to Make a Health Insurance Claim as an International Student?

Students can make health insurance claims by following the steps in their insurance brochure. The brochure contains all the details about the insurance, and students may go through it thoroughly. They can also contact their insurance company via call centres and helplines to learn more.

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