What Are the Reasons for Visa Rejection and Refusal

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Visa Rejection and refusal are common problems for many international students. A student's visa may get rejected if they make mistakes in the visa application and do not adhere to the rules.

Immigration plays a significant role in determining a country's safety. Thus, even the most minor mistakes or errors may lead to visa rejection. It may also occur due to missing documents or information failing to fulfil the eligibility criteria. Many other reasons lead to visa rejection and refusal.

In this article, students can find common reasons for visa rejection and how to avoid them. To know further, read on! 

What Is Visa Refusal and Rejection?

Visa Rejection and Refusal may happen for various reasons that can be rectified in future applications. It may happen due to missing information or documents in the application and several other reasons.

The high commission or embassy consulate must accept student visas before they enter another country. Thus, in case of refusal, students must carefully recheck the application and apply again.

What Are the Reasons for Visa Rejection and Refusal?

As stated above, there are various reasons for visa rejection and refusal. These may be small mistakes like spelling errors or more significant errors like missing documents or eligibility problems.

Given below are some reasons for visa refusal:

Incomplete Application and Data Mismatch

Students need to fill out all the sections of the visa application. They must ensure all the information is correct and there are no blank sections in the application. Students can find all the instructions for the sections in case of confusion.

However, if students fail to provide correct information or have spelling errors, it may lead to visa rejection. Students should also ensure there is no data mismatch or incomplete application part. 

Visa Rules and Document Process Violation

Students need to follow strict inlaid rules set by the immigration department for visa approval. This includes various documents that must be submitted. A student's visa may get refused if they have document discrepancies or fail to follow the set rules and guidelines.

Students must submit all the necessary documents during their visa application. They must avoid submitting any fake documents as it can lead to rejection. Another thing to remember is that documents must be in English and not regional languages.

Thus, students need to read all the rules and regulations carefully. They can easily find it on the embassy website along with the details of the provisions to visit a country. 

Incomplete Itinerary

Students must avoid providing an incomplete itinerary, which can lead to visa refusal. An ideal itinerary must include:

  • Plan and time of visit to countries and states
  • Flight and transport tickets
  • Hotel booking receipt

Travel Insurance inapplicable for specific destinations

Most countries do not need travel insurance for visa acceptance, but Schengen country does. Students need to have travel insurance of a minimum of 30,000 Euros. Along with this, the insurance must cover the duration of stay in the country. In case of the absence of any of these criteria, the visa will not be granted.

An insufficient explanation for the intent of Travel

Students must provide a valid and sufficient reason for their intent to travel. They must clearly state their reason along with supporting proof. E.g. If a student wants to visit a country for an examination, they must provide the institute's admit card and permission letter. The permission letter must also state all the visit details and the necessity of their appearance.

Passport Status

A student will not be able to get their visa if their passport is expired or about to expire. They must also have enough pages in their passport. Some countries require a passport of at least six months away from the date of expiry. Therefore, students must apply for a visa six months before their expiry date.

Time of Application

The time of application differs for different visas and consultants. Thus, students must apply for their visas before the threshold processing time. They must make a visa application at least a month before their travelling date. However, the visa gets rejected if the processing time exceeds the travelling date.

Funds Shortage

Students must have enough funds to visit any country. They are advised to have a specific amount for the cost of living in any country. However, their visa application will be rejected if they do not have the required amount.

E.g. A student must have a bank balance of $5,000 to $10,000 to get a visa for 15 day stay in the USA. However, their visa will be rejected if they do not have the required balance or if their balance is <$5,000 for 20 days.

Criminal Records

The most crucial reason for visa denial is an existing criminal record. A student with an existing criminal record may not get a visa as their entry may threaten the destination country. However, the visa approval process will not be affected if the criminal record is clear.

Credibility of Sponsor

In case a student's trip is sponsored by another person, the embassy will check the credibility in the following terms:

  • Income
  • Legal Status
  • Tax obligations

Unwanted Travel History

A student with poor travel history may get their visa cancelled due to the following reasons:

  • Overstaying their visit to a country
  • Cancelling previous visa applications
  • Activities performed violate the visa norms of the specific country during the stay period.

Interview Process

Visa interviews play an essential role in the visa acceptance process. It checks if a student's intent, explanation, and communication are genuine. So, if a student gets hesitant or nervous, the interviewer may assume that they have hidden motives and cancel their visa.

Health Status

If a student has any infection, disease, or has not completed the necessary vaccines for a specific disease, their visa may get rejected.

Intent of Return

Suppose a student cannot provide proof or data of ties with the home country and intent of return on a specific day. Their visa may get rejected.

Allies with the destination country

Students cannot get a travel visa for a specific country if the country is allied with the student's country. This leads to visa rejection.

What Are the Steps to Avoid Visa Refusal and Rejection?

  • Students must read all guidelines carefully from the embassy website.
  • They must apply online after reading all the instructions.
  • They must not leave any section or column blank. Instead, you must try to carefully follow all the instructions mentioned in the section and provide the required information.
  • Students must attach valid documents.
  • They must have enough funds in their bank accounts.
  • They must clearly explain their intent to visit, stay and return.
  • Students must avoid making mistakes, errors, or spelling mistakes.
  • They must have enough time on hand during the application.
  • Students must correctly complete all the visa formalities.
  • Some significant points of consideration are health conditions, legal status, income tax liabilities, etc.

How to Check Visa Rejection Status?

Students can check the status of visa rejection by visiting the website of the consulate of the specific country. They must then give certain details like:

  • Application ID
  • Interview Location
  • Tracking number provided during the visa interview
  • Passport Number

How to Know Visa Rejection and Refusal Reasons?

Students might sometimes be unable to know the reason for visa rejection. However, they will receive a letter from the consultant upon refusal. This letter will state the reason for refusal and help students reapply after a given period by rectifying the mistake.

Some consulate websites also provide visa status along with the reason for rejection. However, some third-party websites may not give the reason online.

However, if a student avoids all the reasons for visa rejection and follows all the instructions during the application, their visa will be approved.

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