Computer Courses after 12th for International Students

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With the advancement in technology and trade, the use of computers is increasing every day. Today, computers are used in almost every field for data storing and manipulation. Even simple computer skills like data entry and typing have great value in today's world.

Computer courses have gained traction over the last few years. These are of three types graduate, postgraduate and diploma. Some of the famous computer courses pursued by students after class 12th are Diploma in Computer Application, BTech Computer Science and BCA.

Students can also pursue short term online courses on computers after 12th with the help of various online service providers. Let's explore more about Computer Courses after 12th for International Students. 

What is Computer Course?

Computer courses are training programs for students with services, resources and companies created to educate students on computer-related topics. They help students acquire knowledge in software, hardware, database management, programming, networking, etc.

Unlike earlier times, computer courses were limited in number and had very few seats. Today, one can find colleges providing computer courses almost everywhere. Due to technological advancement, new computer courses are being built now and then, providing more opportunities to students.

List of Computer Courses after 12th

In today's world, a student has a number of computer courses to choose from in today's world. They can go for a graduate's degree or a diploma. It's up to them. There are also many 1-year online computer courses that are provided by online service providers.

Given below are some of the best graduation, diploma and online computer courses that a student can opt for after class 12th:

Online Courses



Certificate Course in Office Automation 

80 hours 

Supercomputing Course 

5 weeks 

How Computers Work 

10 hours 

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming 

4 months 

Introduction to Computers and Office Productivity Software 

15 hours 

Diploma Courses



Diploma in Computer Application 

6 months 

Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking 

1 Year 

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application 

6 Months 

Advanced Diploma in Embedded System Design 

6 Months 

Advanced Course in Multimedia and Animation 

6 Months 

Graduation Degree Courses



Bachelor of Computer Application 

3 Years 

Bachelor of Computer Application Hons. 

4 Years 

BSc Computer Technology 

3 Years 

BTech Computer Science 

4 Years 

Diploma Computer Courses after 12th

A computer diploma course is one of the most opted computer courses in Bangladesh. Due to it being so famous, there has been an enormous increase in computer diploma courses in Bangladesh.

BKIICT, also known as Bangladesh Korea Institute of Information and Communication Technology, is one of the profound universities in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It offers various diploma courses in computers that are economical and useful.

Some of them are listed below:


Tuition Fee (USD) 

Duration (Months) 

Diploma in Information and Communication Technology 

290 USD 


Professional Diploma in Game Development 

230 USD 


Professional Diploma in Web Applications & Development (.Net Framework) 

230 USD 


Professional Diploma in Web Applications Development (Laravel Framework) 

230 USD 


Professional Diploma in IT Administrator (Server) 

230 USD 


Professional Diploma in IT Administrator (Network) 

230 USD 


Computer Courses Syllabus

Every course has its syllabus and follows its pattern. But some subjects and topics are common for all computer courses. Be it online or offline. Computer courses provide in-depth knowledge about the computer and its uses. Thus, given below are a few subjects and topics that are taught in various computer courses and vary with each course: 

Important Topics 

Introduction to Information Technology 

Computer Organization and Architecture 

Programming and Data Structures 

Information Systems 

Design and Implementation 


Operating Systems 

DataBase Management Systems 

Computer Communication Networks 

Object-oriented Analysis and Design 

Network Programming 

Artificial Intelligence and Applications 

Software Engineering 

Software Engineering 

Introduction of Management Functions 

Oral and Written Communication 

Management Support Systems 

Accounting and Management Control 

Organizational Behaviour 

Optimization Techniques 

Mathematical Foundations 

Probability and Combinatorics 

Statistical Computing 

Computer Courses Specializations

When opting for computer courses after class 12th, one must remember that specialisation is critical for good job opportunities after finishing the course. Unlike various computer-related jobs, companies look for people specialising in a particular field. Data stated that 4 out of 10 computer science jobs prefer candidates with master's degrees.

Following are some of the best options for specialisation one can opt for along with the job positions, salary and skills required related to them:

Specialization Skills Required Job Positions Salary (USD)
Artificial Intelligence Mathematics and analysis, algorithms, predictive modelling Artificial Intelligence Architect, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer 125,000 USD
Computer-Human Interface Communication, interpersonal skills, attention to visual detail, mapping how people use software and systems User Experience (UX) Designer, User Experience Researcher, Interaction Designer 118,942 USD
Game Design Attention to visual detail, collaboration, coding, and scripting Video Game Designer, Video Game Developer, Software Engineer 115,846 USD
Networks Diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, design network architecture Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Network Architect 59,865 – 121,412 USD
Computer Graphics Attention to visual and artistic detail, collaboration, creativity Mobile Application Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer 116,192 USD
Information Security Communication, threat/vulnerability management, knowledge of security compliance rules and regulations Security Engineer, Network Security Analyst, System Security Analyst 124,506 USD
Data science Mathematics and analytics, attention to detail, predictive modelling Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Information Scientist, Database Administrator 123,419 - 145,549 USD
Programming Languages Coding and scripting in multiple languages, collaboration Full-Stack Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Game Developer, Software Programmer 105,240 USD
Software Engineering Coding and scripting, communication, collaboration Software Development Engineer, Software Engineer 119,923 USD
Systems Diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware and software issues, patching and updating systems, designing system architecture Systems Engineer 122,180 USD
Theory Mathematics and analytics, predictive modelling and probability, big-picture planning Algorithm Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer 102,754 USD

Computer Courses Top Universities abroad

One can find various computer courses in colleges abroad. Along with good education and study material, it also helps students get a lot of exposure. The top five countries that provide the best education for computers are the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Singapore and Canada.

Studying abroad gives students a chance to attend prestigious universities in the US like MIT, Caltech, Stanford University, etc. Some US universities also provide online Bachelors in Computer science like Liberty University, Colorado State University and Full Sail University. This comes with the added advantages of Less theory and being more practical as abroad universities prefer teaching practical knowledge over theory. It also gives students to learn from experts about in-demand IT specialisations like Business Information Systems, Informatics, Video Games, IT Security etc. This prepares students for the jobs of the future like digital locksmiths, Virtual reality designers, etc., and provides them with an opportunity to have exciting careers anywhere.

Following are some of the top colleges abroad for pursuing computer courses abroad after class 12th



Fees (USD) 

University of Toronto 

Toronto, Canada 

64,000 USD 

The University of British Columbia 

Vancouver, Canada 

45,000 USD 

University of East London 

London, UK 

25,000 USD 

Arizona State University 

Tempe, USA 

53,000 USD 

Texas A&M University 

College Station, USA 

60,000 USD 

National University of Singapore 


35,000 USD 

Nanyang Technological University 


28,000 USD 

Computer Courses Entrance Exams 2023

To study abroad in public or private universities, one must take a specific entrance exam(s) to get into a college. A student must appear for two types of entrance: standardised tests and Language exams. Language exams show a candidate's English proficiency, and a student must appear in at least one language exam to get into any university. The exams that a student needs to appear for are:

  • SAT or ACT: this is a standardised entrance exam that a student must appear for to get admitted to a foreign university.
  • IELTS: It is the preferred language exam to get admitted to UK, Australia, and New Zealand universities. The exam score is valid for two years.
  • TOEFL: It is the preferred language exam in US and Canada. A score on this exam is valid for two years.
  • PTE: It is the preferred language exam for a few US Colleges and most UK Colleges. The score of this exam is valid for two years.
  • CELPIP: it is the preferred language exam for Canada
  • CAE or CPE: it is the preferred language exam for UK.

Computer Courses Job Prospects in Abroad

Various computer courses provide different job options moving forward. Computer courses after 12th provide great job options after 12th due to advancement in technology and greater use of computers. A student can get a job as an SEO Analyst, Social media Expert, Ad Campaign Manager, Coder, etc.

Following is the list of various programs and salaries provided to professionals who pursue the given course:


Job Salary (starting) 

Digital Marketing Course 

300 USD 

Artificial Intelligence Course 

1049 USD 

VFX and Animation Course 

700 USD 

Hardware and Networking Course 

500 USD 

Diploma in Computer Science 

700 USD 

Thus concluding, computer courses are great for students who are in urgent need of a job and those who are not. These courses are becoming more popular every day and have increased in scope.

A student interested in computers must look into pursuing computer courses after 12th as they make them ready for future jobs. 

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