Cost Of Living in the USA For Bangladeshi Students

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The USA is often considered one of the most expensive countries to live in. However, this is not always true. The cost of living in the USA for Bangladeshi students depends highly on the area you live in, your spending habits, and much more. The cost of living includes all expenses like accommodation, utilities, meals, laundry, mobile and internet, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Do you know there are ways to save money while living in the USA? Do you know that there are a few affordable cities in the USA to live in?

The average cost of living in the USA for Bangladeshi students is around USD 25,000 per annum (around BDT 26,38,398). You will find answers to all your questions as you read the blog further. 

Affordable Cities to Live in the USA

If you wish to study in the USA, it will obviously be helpful for you to learn about the affordable cities you can choose to live in. Philadelphia, Houston etc., are some of the most affordable cities you can choose. We have tabulated the most affordable US cities in the table below so that you can have them in mind while you apply to the universities.


Average Cost of Living (in BDT)

San Diego

BDT 1,42,843 - BDT 2,44,873


BDT 1,12,234 - BDT 2,04,061


BDT 1,22,436 - BDT 2,24,467


BDT 81,624 - BDT 1,32,639


BDT 1,02,030 - BDT 2,04,060


BDT 1,32,640 - BDT 2,55,077

Average Cost of Living in the USA for Students

The average cost of living in the USA varies based on your spending habits and area of residence. If you live in affordable cities like Philadelphia, your cost of living will be much lesser compared to more expensive cities like New York. We have broken down some general expenses in the table below.

Type of Expense

Average Amount per year (in USD)


USD 9800 - USD 11,100

Books and study material

USD 900 - USD 2000


USD 500


USD 1200 - USD 1800


USD 3000 - USD 7200

Health insurance

USD 700 - USD 1100


USD 540 - USD 600

Phone subscription

USD 600


USD 300 - USD 700

Water, trash and sewer

USD 600 - USD 900

Accommodation Cost in the USA

Most eminent US universities offer on-campus accommodation options. They are generally cheaper compared to off-campus accommodation. If you choose to live outside the university campus, you have a few options to choose from. You can opt for shared flats, studio apartments etc. The cost of off-campus accommodation per year in the USA generally ranges from USD 1300 to USD 1800.

Type of Expense

Average Monthly Amount (in USD)

Furnished (900 sq.ft.)

USD 1800 - USD 2500

Furnished (480 sq.ft.)

USD 1300 - USD 1800

Cost of Transportation in the USA

Though you can have a private vehicle, using public transport is a better option. Additionally, no student will have access to private vehicles. A few popular transportation options are given below.

Mode of Transportation

Average Amount (in USD)

Monthly bus pass

USD 66

Single bus ticket

USD 0.98


USD 3.25

Taxi (1 km)

USD 1.62

Medical Cost in the USA

It is almost impossible in the USA to get medicine without a prescription. As such, getting health insurance when you move to the USA for studies is essential. The average monthly cost of health insurance in the USA comes to around USD 50. More details about the same can be obtained from the table below.

Medical Expense

Average Amount (in USD)

Medicine for cold


1 box antibiotics

USD 18

Health insurance (per year)

USD 500 - USD 1000

15-minute visit to a private doctor

USD 126

Tips for Reducing Expenses in the USA

Learning how to save money is important once you start living in a foreign country. We have given a few tips below which will help you reduce your expenses in the USA.

  1. Part-time jobs: You have the option to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during your semester. This will help you cover your living expenses and also help you gain experience.
  2. Internships: You can do summer or winter internships, which will help you gather experience.
  3. Buy things on sale: Various types of sales happen every now and then throughout the year. You can take advantage of it and save money while buying things.
  4. Stipend: A few universities offer stipends for Postgraduate and research programs.
  5. Book flights wisely: If you wish to visit your home country, it is better to book flights off-season. This will help you cut down on costs.
  6. Scholarships: There are several scholarships funded by the government, universities and private institutions that can cover your entire tuition and living expenses wholly or partially.

We hope that you would have gathered a surface idea about the cost of living in the USA for Bangladeshi students by reading this blog. If you feel that you wish to learn more about the cost of studying, top universities, scholarships etc., you can read our blogs on them. You can also contact AECC's counsellors to get personalised advice and guidance for free.

AECC can assist you in connecting to top universities in the USA for your selected course and guide you toward your dream career. Don't hesitate to contact us for free assistance!


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