Education System in Canada for Bangladeshi Students

Canada is home to some of the top universities and provides world-class education facilities. These offer various degrees and programs in many fields and disciplines. Other than this, they teach almost all programs in Canada in English, which most of the students in the world understand. These factors attract many national and international student...

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Can International Students Study Medicine in Canada?

Studying medicine in Canada is the dream of many international students. Canadian universities and colleges provide world-class education and accommodation facilities at a pretty affordable price. This, along with a readily available work permit and quick visa processing, makes Canada a student's paradise. But there are still many other questions t...

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Study Accounting in Canada for International Students

Accounting courses are one of the most popular courses that international students prefer to pursue in Canada. One of the top reasons is because students get a chance to study in some of the world's best colleges. These colleges provide world-class academics, industrial exposure, and a high employability ratio post-graduation. After graduation, stu...

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PhD in Canada for International Students

PhD in Canada is an excellent opportunity for any student. It allows them to get high-tech education and placement facilities at Canadian universities. Other than this, they also get countless opportunities to do research work and work with some of the top companies in the world. Canadian universities and colleges provide both professional and acad...

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Study MPH in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of the top 10 countries in the world to pursue Master's in Public Health and is famous among both domestic and international students. It has gained even more traction since the growth of 25% in public health vacancies. Employment statistics also show that most MPH degree holders choose to get permanently employed in Canada in bo...

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LLB in Canada for International Students

Canada is a well-known study destination with some top-tier law schools. Attending one of Canada's 70+ law colleges, which offer over 240 courses, allows students to broaden particular academic interests and collaborate on research projects. Canadian legal degrees, in particular, are well-regarded around the world. The country is home to some of th...

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How to Write SOP for Canada

The number of international students coming to Canada for foreign study has increased exponentially. Suppose you also want to study in Canada for higher education. In that case, you must know that you need to write a statement of purpose SOP for the application process in any of the Canadian universities and also for a student visa. Sometimes writi...

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Canada Vs Australia Country Comparison for International Students

Canada and Australia are well-known among students for their fantastic study programs. They are home to some of the best universities globally, with Australia having 7 in the Top 100 universities. In contrast, Canada only has 3 in the Top 100.Both Canada and Australia are hotspots for international students pursuing higher education. Every year, ma...

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Study in Canada After 12th for International Students

Study in Canada after 12th from Bangladesh is a dream for many students. But it is not always possible if one doesn't know about studying in Canada. Thus, this article will help students understand all about getting admission and studying in Canada after the 12th for international students. One can choose from various Diplomas, Certificate, an...

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Study Nursing in Canada for International Students

As one of the world's fastest-growing economies, Canada has long been a sought-after destination for international students. Even in these difficult economic times, thousands of students worldwide travel to Canada to study because it has long been regarded as one of the world's most important educational hubs. Studying nursing in Canada is an excel...

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MBA In Canada for International Students

Canada looks good as a hub for higher education, especially for students from other countries. Canada proffers candidates or students with an apogee(top)-class B-schools and provides a high-quality education at relatively lower costs. MBA in Canada is tremendously recognised worldwide. It lays out students with real-life business skills and fits th...

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Courses in Canada after 12th for International Students

Canada provides the world's best education facilities. If students choose to study abroad, they consider travelling to Canada or visit it if possible. One can apply to various Canadian Universities that are great for education that provides great scholarship opportunities and accommodation facilities. In this article, we have curated a li...

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How Much Cost to Study in Canada for International Students?

Studying abroad is the single most effective way of changing how we view the world Chantal Mitchell Getting a degree from abroad is an expensive investment, and if you are planning to make this investment for yourself, then Canada is the best option out there. Over time, people are becoming more aware of the importance of quality education, an...

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Best Post Graduate Courses in Canada for Bangladeshi Students

Canada is a popular study abroad destination with over 6,00,000 international students. It is well-known for its liberal and cosmopolitan society, world-class colleges, and numerous professional prospects, making it an excellent choice for international education. Because of the inexpensive investment and shorter course time, a Postgraduate Diploma...

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Key Information to Study Pharmacy in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of the northernmost countries that is close to the arctic circle and yet has one of the most technologically advanced and ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. Canada is a highly developed country that ranks as the ...

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Masters in Canada for International Students

Canada is the world's second-largest country in the world and one of the biggest countries that host more international students who are pursuing their higher education. Canada has a rich quality of life, a world-class healthcare system, attractive scholarship opportunities, a multicultural acceptance which not only attracts but supports the studen...

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Cost of Living in Canada for International Students

Cost Of Living In Canada For International Students

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for" - John A Shedd There is a big world out there for you to explore, learn and celebrate. This planet has an ocean of experiences and only a few have seen the depth of it. International experience gives you a lot more to experience, educate and cultivate your knowledge to a greater...

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Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students

Canada places a high value on education and maintains very high educational standards. A Canadian university is globally recognized and highly valued in the international job market. Canada's universities are well-known for their emphasis on research. In terms of scientific research, Canada holds the rank of fourth in the world. In Canada, there is...

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Scholarships for International Students in Canada

There is various scholarship in Canada for Bangladeshi students that can help lessen their financial burden and lessens the impact of rising tuition fees. While some scholarships are awarded based on financial need, others are awarded based on academic, athletic, or particular interests. Colleges and universities, educational groups, and commercial...

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