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"A Legacy of Quality Education" - Since its founding in 1936, Columbia College stands as one of Canada's oldest not-for-profit international colleges, guiding thousands of Canadian and international students toward successful university careers. It offers first and second-year university courses leading to an Associate Degree, fully transferable to local universities, alongside certified High School and English for Academic Purposes programs. This positions Columbia College as an ideal stepping stone for higher education. 

Historic Milestones

  • 1985: expanded offerings in business and engineering, solidifying its status as a top preparatory school in Canada
  • 2011: 75th anniversary celebrated, marking the start of significant global recruitment, especially from South Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa.
  • 2012 - Alumni Achievement Recognition: Celebrated the first alumni to be elected as a Member of Parliament in Canada, underscoring the college's influence on producing leaders in public service.

Columbia College in Vancouver has significantly expanded, now educating over 2,100 students from 61 countries, and providing comprehensive pathways to university success and professional development.

Columbia has been opening doors to education for all since 1936. They believe in creating a space where everyone is heard, supported, and encouraged to excel. Let's explore how Columbia makes learning accessible and impactful for every student through their mission, vision, and values.

Mission Statement

Equip students to become responsible global citizens who can communicate, think critically, and positively impact communities around the world.


An inclusive society where students can access the education of their choice and contribute to positive social changes.

Core Values

The Fundamental beliefs and principles of Columbia have made them incredibly valuable and let's get them,

  • Culture of Inclusion: Everyone can share their different views safely. We help people be themselves, no matter their background.
  • Culture of Justice: Treat everyone fairly and work to make sure no one feels left out or unfairly treated.
  • Culture of Excellence: Aim high in school and work, always looking to get better. We're brave in trying new things and believe in learning all life long.
  • Culture of Reciprocity: Share ideas and learn from each other. This helps everyone—teachers, students, and staff—grow together.
  • Culture of Democratic Equality: Everyone gets to have their say in decisions. They listen to each other and make choices together with respect.

PhilosophiesColumbia College has promoted "Equitable access to education", aiming to empower students from diverse backgrounds since 1936. Its philosophy centres on removing educational barriers, providing supportive learning environments, and preparing students for success in the broader economy and community.

Rankings and Reputation

Columbia College is a beacon of excellence in higher education, consistently ranked in the top tier both nationally and internationally. It is ranked #23 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.


Columbia College's Associate Degree Programs have the approval of British Columbia's Minister of Advanced Education. Its Senior Secondary Program is provincially certified. Incorporated as a Non-Profit Society in BC, the college also meets the EQA standards set by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and is a full member of Colleges and Institutes Canada.

Alumni Success Stories

Alvis Tsui, who graced the halls of Columbia from 1976 to 1977, has risen to become the chair of our Alumni Engagement Committee. His journey from Columbia College student to leader is pure inspiration, showing the incredible paths your education here can lead to. Dream big – your journey is just starting!

Know what?

​Columbia's walls have echoed with the footsteps of over 100 Nobel Laureates, shaping the future with each discovery.

Are you ready to join the ranks of Columbia's distinguished alumni? Learn how AECC can support your journey to Columbia College.

Why Choose Columbia College?

Wondering why Columbia College should be your top choice? Let's explore the reason for "Why Columbia?"

  • Global Ranking and Reputation: Columbia College's long-standing history since 1936 underlines its prestigious place in international education, celebrated for excellence across the globe.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community: Join a dynamic student body of around 2,000 students, 90% of whom are international from approximately 54 countries.
  • Quality of Education: Columbia College has over 80 years of leadership in international education and a legacy in quality education over the years.

Columbia College Programs & Courses

We are here to help you make your dream of studying at Columbia College come true. From picking the right course to landing in Columbia, we've got your back. Let's see what fits you from Columbia College courses.

Undergraduate Programs

Columbia College has UG programs to help you get ready for university or a job. They focus on teaching you well so you can do great in school or work. You can pick from different courses that prepare you for what comes next.

Here's a glance at some of the popular undergraduate (UG) courses offered at Columbia College, along with their duration: 



Associate of Arts

2 years

Associate of Science

2 years

Business Administration

2 years

Computer Science

2 years

Engineering Transfer Program

1-2 years

English for Academic Purposes


High School Completion Program

As little as 2 years

Postgraduate Programs

Columbia College lays the groundwork for undergraduate education, aiming for students' success in university transfers or careers. It doesn't offer postgraduate programs, but its alumni frequently advance to higher degrees at universities. Here are potential postgraduate routes after Columbia College:

Have a look at a table listing its popular PG programs with their duration.



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1-2 years

Master of Science in Engineering (MSc Eng)

2 years

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc CS)

1-2 years

Master of Arts in Psychology (MA Psych)

1-2 years

Master of Public Health (MPH)

1-2 years

Master of Science in Biology (MSc Bio)

2 years

Master of Education (MEd)

1-2 years

Note: Columbia doesn't offer a PhD directly. But, after completing your degree here, you'll be well-prepared and highly regarded for admission into prestigious Ph.D. programs at universities around the globe.

Admission Process

Application Steps

  • Deadline Check: First, you need to look at the application deadlines to make sure you apply on time.
  • Online Application: You can apply by filling out an online form available on Columbia College's website.
  • Application Fee: You'll need to pay a $200 fee through Flywire
  • If needed, your English test scores, like IELTS 6.5 as a minimum, or TOEFL 57 as a minimum.
  • Study Permit: You need a permit to study in Canada. Use your acceptance letter to apply for one at a Canadian embassy. It takes time, so apply early. Some students from specific countries can get their permits faster through something called the Student Direct Stream.


 First, you need to look at the application deadlines to make sure you apply on time.

Here are the deadlines for applications for 2024, Hurry up!



Summer 2024

March 15, 2024

Fall 2024

June 28, 2024

Winter 2025

November 15, 2024

Required Documents

  • Your latest school marks.
  • Your high school diploma if you're applying for university programs.
  • A copy of your passport's information page.
  • They prefer original copies or notarized copies of these documents for admission.

If everything is submitted correctly, you could get an admission offer within two weeks.

Quick Update for Students Flying into Vancouver: Check out YVR's Voluntary Compliance Portal (VC Portal) for a faster way to receive your study permit upon arrival. It's a simple, optional step before you land to help speed up your entry process. For more details and to use the portal, click here: Visit the VC Portal. It could save you valuable time at the airport!

Feeling overwhelmed by the process, missing out on dates? Just connect with us!- We'll make your Columbian dream a reality.


Eager to discover what Columbia College offers in terms of financial support? Check out this snapshot of the available scholarships to celebrate academic excellence, overcome barriers, and shine in specific study areas. Whether you're a newcomer or a standout student in your field, there's likely a scholarship with your name on it. Here's a quick guide to get you started on finding your fit and to say bye-bye to stress on Columbia College tuition fee

Scholarship Name



Columbia College Entrance Scholarship


Youth with demonstrated academic aptitude facing educational barriers; new applicants.

Columbia College Academic Scholarships


Based on academic performance, college/community involvement; University Transfer/Associate Degree students.

Top Student Scholarship in Arts/Business and Math/Science and Computer Science


Outstanding students in Arts/Business or Math/Science and Computer Science fields.

The John Helm Memorial Scholarship


Outstanding student in Math/Sciences, in memory of John Helm; Winter semester.

The Jason Graham Memorial Scholarship


Outstanding student in the Social Sciences, in memory of former student Jason Graham; Winter semester.

New Scholarship Alert: Emerging Region Bursary gives $2,000 to 65 new students from places where it's hard to get a good education. If you're applying to Columbia College for the first time and have good grades, you might be the one of 65!

How AECC Can Facilitate Your Journey

Do you dream of studying at Columbia College in Vancouver? AECC is here to help make it easy and fun! Here's how we do it:

Well, AECC will furnish you with free end-to-end personalised guidance from your walk-in to your settlement at your dream abroad! First, we start with setting you on the right path of "What to choose" and then fulfilling your requirements and making you eligible to apply to your dream University through our IELTS or TOEFL, etc…You don't want to get stressed about your Uni application and Visa application, we'll take care of it completely. Worried about being accepted or feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, we'll make them choose you instead of you choosing! And we'll be waiting to welcome you to Vancouver too. In care of your future queries, we make you connect with our former friends like you- Alumni of Columbia.

With AECC, your journey to studying in Vancouver will be smooth and full of fun. Ready to start? Let's do it together!

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Columbia College in Vancouver is a top pick for students worldwide, known for its welcoming atmosphere, diverse community, and wide program range. It stands out for its commitment to student success and inclusivity. With scholarships like the Emerging Region Bursary, education is within reach. AECC is ready to help—from picking the perfect course to getting settled in Vancouver. Kickstart your Columbia College adventure with AECC and bring your dreams to life.

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Is Columbia College hard to get into?

The difficulty of gaining admission can vary by program and year. Columbia College aims to be accessible, focusing on providing educational opportunities, especially for international students. For specific program requirements,

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