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Top Courses in Australia for International Students


Australia has a wide selection of tuition costs that are both inexpensive and of good quality. Australia is one of the most sought-after study destinations in the world, thanks to its globally recognised programmes, cultural richness, friendly natives, and excellent standard of living. Melbourne was #3 among QS's Best Student Cities in 2019. Australian cities place in the top 50. Australia's educational system is well-known across the globe. Universities encourage the practical and autonomous study, resulting in job-ready graduates. This is one of the reasons why businesses all around the world seek out graduates from Australian institutions. Individuality, discussion, and problem-solving are all encouraged.

Students can choose from more than 22,000 courses in Australia for international students provided by a range of schools. In Australia, there are 43 universities, comprising 40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private university. Six Australian universities are in the top 100 in the world, demonstrating the value of both quantity and quality. With such a diverse selection of degrees and specialities, Australia's universities are among the finest in the world. If students want to study Engineering, English, Medicine, or Mathematics in Australia, they have a broad choice of options and combinations.

S. No.


Average tuition fees (AUD)



AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000



AUD 22,000 - AUD 50,000



AUD 18,000 - AUD 42,000


English Language Studies

AUD 1200


Vocational Education & Training

AUD 4000 - AUD 22,000

What are the Best Courses to Study In Australia?

Australia is well known for a few courses better than the others. A few popular courses chosen by students are

  • Agricultural Science: It is a progressive and innovative course with high demand in the job market. It has several sub-sectors, and you can land a job in the banking or biotechnology industries.
  • Accounting: You can do Graduate Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor & Master's in Accounting. The cost of tuition fees is lesser compared to other countries.
  • Actuarial Science: It is a sought-after degree in the job market. You can be a financial planner, investment analyst, actuarial analyst, risk analyst etc.
  • Architecture: Several universities offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Architecture in Australia. The requirements for these programs are the same as all other programs with a few minor differences.
  • Computer Science & IT: The demand for Computer Science and IT graduates in Australia has increased by 17.5% after 2020. There is also the option to choose a second major from over 100 courses.
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management: Australia is a tourist destination, and there is an increasing demand for holders of the degree. The average income you can get with a Bachelor's in the field will be AUD 60,000.
  • Psychology: Australia has several top-ranked universities that offer degrees in Psychology. It is also listed in the highly-demanded occupations in Australia.
  • Engineering: Engineering is a degree in high demand in every corner of the world. There are several branches of Engineering offered by the universities in Australia.
  • Nursing: This highly demanding professional course is offered by several universities in Australia. However, a Graduate Degree in the discipline is in demand, and not Diploma or Masters.

Study Accounting Course In Australia

The Bachelor of Accounting programme is designed to help students gain knowledge and skills in reporting, analysing, and managing financial resources in business and government. In addition to satisfying the education criteria for membership in the Australian accounting professional bodies, the degree allows them to study in allied fields of interest such as finance, business information systems, management, marketing, international business, and corporate sustainability.

  • Students will gain the capacity to critically analyse new accounting challenges and be motivated by professional and scholarly accounting research that sheds light on the issues that lie underneath accounting statistics.
  • This will help them in both academic and professional endeavours. Students have better job options in accounting or can pursue more accounting education if they have acquired these academic and professional characteristics.

In Australia, students can apply theoretical and technical understanding of accounting in a commercial setting. Under supervision, exercise judgement to suggest alternative solutions to regular accounting issues in simple situations, taking into consideration social, ethical, economic, regulatory, sustainability, governance, and/or global views as needed.

Study Architecture Course In Australia

An architectural job is extremely gratifying since it allows students to create and alter the interior and exterior surroundings. Their architecture degrees are globally competitive, with a focus on the relationship between architecture, communication, technology, culture, and the environment, and are taught by highly respected academics, many of whom are also practising architects.

Their degrees are globally competitive, with a focus on the relationship between architecture, communication, technology, culture, and the environment. From tiny boutique practises to major worldwide firms, graduates work all across the world.

Study Business Management Course in Australia

Discover the art and science of leadership, project management, strategic decision-making, and human relations success. Business management exposes them to new problems and helps students build the abilities they'll need to become visionary leaders. In Australia, they provide students with the skills and credentials that future companies want.

The major topics of study are management theory and practice, human resource management, budgeting and planning, organisational behaviour, change management, leadership skills, strategic management, knowledge management, and international business. Graduate with the analytical abilities and information needed to develop company policies and practices.

This keeps things interesting and helps students prepare for the job. Get to prepare to lead in a fast-changing corporate environment by learning to adapt and respond swiftly. With ingenuity and intelligence, analyse, forecast, and respond to issues. Gain a competitive advantage in today's tough business climate.

Study Computer Engineering Course in Australia

A bachelor's degree in computer science will prepare students for a variety of jobs, from expert programmer to forensic computer analyst. Students will develop problem-solving, programming, and analytical abilities – and learn how to apply them in the real world – with the help of some of the experts in the industry.

The student's path begins with a bachelor's degree in computer science from Australia's best IT faculty. Some of the world's finest academics will teach students how to think creatively and critically. They will graduate with the ability to create software that addresses real-world issues by designing algorithms and data structures.

Study Medical Science Course in Australia

Many new scientific breakthroughs, education, and innovation are taking place in Australia. They respond quickly to industry demands, are adaptable to change, and educate and teach in a unique way. MBBS in Australia is a world-class lab, clinic, and simulator that equip students with the resources they need to break new ground and make significant contributions to society.

  • Students can take part in community-based exercise-related healthcare and substantial research possibilities for students.
  • It brings together some of Australia's most forward-thinking healthcare and research teams. With industry-relevant skills and training, students can achieve their professional ambitions.

Study Law Courses In Australia For International Students

In Australia, they prepare students for advanced research, policy creation, public service, tertiary teaching, and professional leadership roles. Students get to work with some of the world's most brilliant and talented academics. They will obtain in-depth knowledge of the role and function of law as well as an enhanced grasp of how law influences and impacts practically every part of their lives as a result of the degree. Australia offers Internships, clinical placements, student contests, and exchanges throughout the world that will provide them with countless possibilities to put their legal knowledge into practice and gain practical experience.

Study Mass Communication Course in Australia

Their broad research and inquisitive nature inspire me to form research alliances with people from all over the world, to address complicated issues. Working in groups to publish original stories in print, on-air, and online, students will learn how to investigate, produce, publish, and market news across a variety of media while also honing their editorial judgement and leadership skills.

Traditional reporting, digital curation, content development, and freelancing are among the topics covered. Students will graduate with a comprehensive set of abilities that will enable them to produce compelling, high-quality journalism in a multi-platform media environment.

Study Postgraduate Courses In Australia

Universities in Australia devote a substantial portion of their money to research and development in order to assure the advancement of every subject that may contribute to a better world. Australia has a wide range of postgraduate courses to select from, all of which are backed up by world-class academics.

Students are given the opportunity to work on projects that will allow them to get practical experience in their subject of study. Work options are available once they finish their master's degree courses in Australia Internships in local firms are easy to come by for postgraduate students looking to expand their industry knowledge and expertise.

Australian educational institutions strive to improve their students' personalities and leadership qualities, particularly at the post-graduate level. The tuition price for postgraduate degrees in Australia varies depending on the university or course programme chosen. However, the yearly tuition price for a master's degree is between AUD 20,000 and AUD 45,000 per year, while the expense for a doctorate degree ranges between AUD 30,000 and AUD 60,000 per year.

What Master Courses Preferred Students to Study in Australia?

Cost of Top Courses in Australia

S. No


Study Courses

Fees (Annual)


Crawford School of Public Policy 

Graduate Certificate of National Security Policy



James Cook University (JCU)

Graduate Certificate of Data Science online

$13,720 total


James Cook University 

Graduate Certificate of Nursing

$10,960 total


University of Tasmania

Graduate Certificate in E-Health (Health Informatics)

$17,950 per year / $8,975 total


University of Tasmania

Graduate Certificate in Maritime and Logistics Management

$33,000 per year / $16,500 total


University of Tasmania

Graduate Certificate in Economic Geology

$33,950 per year / $16,975 total


Australian National University (ANU)

Graduate Certificate of Climate Policy

$23,455 total

Postgraduate Medical Courses In Australia For International Students

This is often a four-year graduate programme provided by several of Australia's leading institutions. Most of the courses are a four-year comprehensive and diversified programme for graduate students interested in entering the rewarding area of medicine. Many Australian Schools of Medicine believe that the soft skills and attributes necessary for a successful career in medicine – empathy, communication, and personal maturity – are more readily found in graduates.

  • Health and Medicine.
  • Public Health.
  • Nursing
  • Psychology.
  • Medicine and Medical Studies.
  • Sport Science.
  • Dental Studies.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy

Want to pursue these top courses? AECC will assist you in finding the right institution which offers your desired course. Want more options? Browse various courses offered by leading institutions.

FAQs About Popular Courses in Australia

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