Masters in USA for International Students

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The United States of America is a globally renowned nation with an outstanding education system, cutting-edge research, reputable faculties, the best international universities, and a plethora of post-study work opportunities that entice international students to pursue their higher education in the United States of America. It is home to over 4000 colleges and universities that provide high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Around 70% of US universities are accredited, well-known, and ranked among the top 50 in the world, making it a popular destination for students from all over the world. 

MS in USA - Course Highlights

Top universities in the United States are renowned for offering a diverse range of courses to study in the United States, as well as innovative research and better job opportunities. It is a popular option for master and doctorate programmes. Students can choose and structure their courses at a master's level university in the United States based on their preferences. With an optimised classroom experience, masters in the United States focus on student engagement to improve academic and professional skills and broaden students' future prospects and networks.

It also promotes practical training through internships, which allow you to hone your skills and strengths while improving your weaknesses. The emphasis on extracurricular activities on campus livens up school life and provides numerous opportunities beyond academics to help you develop a well-rounded personality. Several studies on studying abroad highlight the popularity of the United States among international students, with over 1 million students choosing to broaden their employment opportunities and enrich their lives in the United States.


Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 3 GPA on a scale of 4 GPA

Entrance Exam (Average Score)

GRE: 299 | TOEFL: 78 | IELTS: 6.5 | GMAT: 500

Exam Type

Semester Wise

Course Duration

1-2 years

Course Fees

$13,000 CAD to $50,000 CAD

Courses Types


Top Recruiting Companies

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Wipro, HCL Technologies, eBay, etc.

Starting salaries offered

Around CAD 1,00,000 PA.

Why USA is best for Masters degree?

The United States is a technological and research leader in many fields. You will be exposed to cutting-edge technology and research while studying here. You may have the opportunity to meet and even study with leading scholars in your chosen field. Living and studying in the United States will excite you. They guarantee that you will return home changed—more confident, open, and knowledgeable, transforming you into a global citizen with a much broader perspective!

Universities and colleges in the United States may differ from those in your home country in a variety of ways. For starters, small class sizes are quite common. A class may have as few as 10 to 20 students, giving you the personal attention required to succeed. The majority of American university students live on or near the campus. You will have numerous opportunities to participate in planned and unplanned activities with other students, such as hiking, skiing, museum visits, excursions to new cities, and local tourist attractions.

The land and people of the United States are also incredibly diverse. You will encounter a regional culture rich in history and local traditions wherever you choose to study. There are numerous schools, areas of study, and speciality degrees available. If you want to study business, you can choose from a variety of concentrations rather than just general study.

Best Universities in USA for Masters Degree

GRE is an abbreviation for Graduate Record Examinations. It was established in 1936 by a consortium of four universities and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and is now managed by ETS or Educational Testing Service. It is a standard test that is required for admission to several graduate schools. It is, however, only applicable to universities in the United States, Canada, and a few other countries. The GRE is required for admission to universities in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, it is valid for some institutes in the United Kingdom and Australia. However, due to the global impact of COVID-19, there is a long list of universities that have waived the GRE for fall 2022.

S. No.

University Name

QS Ranking 2022

Fees (BDT) /Yr


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


48,44,581 BDT


Stanford University


22,76,063 BDT


Harvard University


50,86,174 BDT


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


53,40,483 BDT


University of Chicago


55,94,792 BDT


University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)


49,59,020 BDT


Yale University


40,68,939 BDT


Columbia University


43,23,248 BDT


Princeton University


50,86,174 BDT


Cornell University


5467637 BDT


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor


4577557 BDT


Johns Hopkins University


4704711 BDT


Northwestern University


3941785 BDT


UC Berkeley


2415932 BDT




6103409 BDT


New York University (NYU)


546763 BDT


The University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


11,82,973 BDT


Duke University


58,75,389 BDT


Carnegie Mellon University


40,69,533 BDT


Brown University


49,59,744 BDT


University of Texas (UTAUS)


16,53,054 BDT


University of Wisconsin (UW-Madison)


24,16,003 BDT


University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign


3713016 BDT


University of Washington


35,85,858 BDT


Georgia Institute of Technology


14,24,170 BDT

Top Universities for MS in USA by Acceptance Rate

GRE is an abbreviation for Graduate Record Examinations. It was established in 1936 by a consortium of four universities and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and is now managed by ETS or Educational Testing Service. It is a standard test that is required for admission to several graduate schools. It is, however, only applicable to universities in the United States, Canada, and a few other countries. The GRE is required for admission to universities in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, it is valid for some institutes in the United Kingdom and Australia. However, due to the global impact of COVID-19, there is a long list of universities that have waived the GRE for fall 2022.


Acceptance rate

Tuition Fee

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 



Stanford University 



Harvard University 



California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 



University of Chicago 



University of Pennsylvania 



Yale University 



Columbia University 



Princeton University 



Cornell University 



Popular Masters Courses in USA for International Students

The MS course duration in the USA takes around 1.5 to 2 years if pursued on a full-time basis. If the student pursues an MS program in the fields like Computer Science and Engineering, the completion time can range from around 3 to 5 years. Moreover, a medical degree can take up to 6 years based on the selected specialisation.

Course Name

Average Cost (1 year)

MS in Cyber Security




Master of Science in Information Systems


MS in Computer Graphics Technology


Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering


MS in Information Systems Management


Master of Science in Data Science


Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Master of Science in Computer Science


MA in Animation


Eligibility Criteria to Study MS in USA

Admission to the ms study programme is extremely competitive; there are more qualified applicants than places available. Every year, the College faces the challenge of selecting a class from an extremely qualified pool. To admit an applicant, the College looks for compelling reasons, and the statement of reason, letters of recommendation, test scores, and GPA are all carefully reviewed. A strong academic background in computer science, including C programming, is highly recommended for the candidate. The Admissions Committee welcomes any additional relevant information that will assist in making objective and well-informed decisions.

Admission Requirements to Study MS in USA

The most common question that aspirants who want to pursue MS in the United States have is how to apply for MS in the United States. Applying to Study MS in the United States can be a time-consuming process. The procedure consists of a series of steps that must be completed to increase your admission chances. To reserve your seat in a recognised MS university in the United States, you must first complete a few steps.

Picking the right university

  • Checking the defined deadlines
  • Checking eligibility associated with the selected course
  • Understanding the requirements of the test
  • Arranging the application bundle
  • Preparing a Statement of Purpose
  • Preparing a Letter of Recommendation
  • Creating a resume
  • Applying for admission and
  • Receiving the Offer of Enrolment

The documents include:

  • GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS scorecard
  • A valid passport
  • Employment experience certificate
  • Bank statements
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Academic records
  • Recommendation letters
  • Application fee payment receipt

GRE/GMAT Waiver for MS in USA Admissions

It is critical to recognise that the United States is one of the most popular places to pursue an education. In general, it caters to students who want to further their education. As a result, it receives a wide range of applications for its universities via GRE.

Below is a list of universities that waived the GRE for fall 2022.

  • Clayton State University
  • University of Toronto
  • Syracuse University
  • Northeastern University
  • The University of Texas Austin
  • University of Washington
  • University of Minnesota
  • New York University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Mississippi State University
  • University of Houston
  • Stevens University
  • Rutgers, New Jersey
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Alabama
  • University of North Carolina
  • William Carey University

Documents Required

  • Passport
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcripts
  • Marksheets and pass certificates
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Entrance Exam Scorecards - GRE/ GMAT/ LSAT/ MCAT
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Experience Letters
  • Application confirmation copy
  • Essays
  • Certificates for extra-curricular activities
  • Proof of Funds
  • Research proposal/ Portfolio/ Project Description

Cost of studying Masters Degree in USA for international students

International students have fewer funding options than domestic students, who can take advantage of state and federal assistance. Most universities in the United States will provide scholarships to a large number of students, and some will provide scholarships to students from developing countries. The institution will likely list scholarships available to students, and many students will also borrow money from private student loan providers. International students pay no more than out-of-state students at either private or public institutions in the United States, and tuition fees in the United States can be high when compared to other countries.

Some of the most expensive tuition fees are charged by institutions that are consistently ranked as the best in the world, and the education you will receive will propel your career to a global level. For example, the world-renowned Harvard University's MBA tuition is $73,440. Tuition for an MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, ranked among the top 50 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings, is $64,000. South Dakota State University charges out-of-state students $12,128 in tuition, is just outside the top 200 institutions in the United States, according to USNews.

Cost of Living in USA to Study Masters Degree

Studying abroad necessitates extensive preparation. As a result, understanding the estimated expenses and planning for them ahead of time is critical to avoiding financial difficulties and pursuing MS in the United States with ease. Several factors must be considered when estimating the cost of MS in the United States for Indian students. These factors include the cost of lodging, travel expenses, food and groceries, stationery, health insurance, and other basic expenses such as clothing and phone bills.


Amount (in USD)







Counselling (optional)


Other Expenses During Applications




Airfares (one-way)


Tuition Fee


Living Expenses


How to Study MS in the USA with Scholarships?

For the academic year 2023, top universities in the United States are offering over 1100 scholarships to international students. These scholarships provide a monthly stipend of $2000 and tuition, housing, health insurance, and travel expenses.





American University Scholarship

Restricted number of partial scholarships.

Academically Qualified International First Year Graduate Students

$6000 to $25000 per academic year 

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program

For students dedicated to positive civic and social change.

International students want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. 

Full tuition, room and board expenses.

Amherst College

Once you admit, your financial need is determined. It may include self-help (Employment) and Gift aid( Scholarships and Grants).

International students in need of financial support to pursue further studies

As per need plus $2400 in an employment opportunity

Berea College Scholarships

100% funding to 100% of enrolled students

International FIRST YEAR students

Cost of tuition, room, board and fees. It also provides summer jobs to meet their obligations.

Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program

Scholars are identified by academic records and their contribution to outside-the-classroom activities.

International Students

As per need,

Clark University Global Scholars Program

Offered by Clark University

Available for first Year International Applicants

No less than $10000 as well as guaranteed $2500 taxable stipend for paid internship

Colby Sawyer College Scholarship

Offered by Colby-Sawyer College. The scholarship value increases based on academic ability.

International students eligible by merit

US $15000 to US $28000 per year.

Columbia College Scholarship

Offered by Columbia College

Outshining International Students

One-time cash grants or 15%-100% tuition reduction.

Concordia College Scholarships

Scholarship is based on academic ability and family needs.

Competitive, merit-based Scholars of International First Year students

Upto $28000 per year

Dartmouth College Scholarship

Provided by Dartmouth College

All admitted undergraduates, including international students

Scholarship that includes travelling allowance for US

East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) offers the International Students Academic Merit Scholarship

New international students seeking a graduate or undergraduate degree

$12500 – Undergraduate $11500 – Graduate

East West Center

For the educational, residential, and leadership development programs at the East-West Center while pursuing graduate study at the University of Hawaii

Master’s or Doctoral degree study for graduate students from Asia, the Pacific and the US

Funding of unto 24 Months

Emory College Scholarships

By Emory College

To a select group of international students

Partial to full merit-based scholarships

Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

Merit-based Scholarship

Qualified international applicants with outstanding academic achievement and test scores on the required entrance exams

$16000 to $30000 and renewable up to four years. Plus two full-tuition President’s International Student Scholarships.

Harvard University Scholarships

By Harvard University

For students all over the world,

Varieties of Scholarships are available.

Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships

Based on a holistic review of SAT or ACT scores and high school marks/grades.

International Students

$2000 to $10000

Michigan State University International Scholarships

Michigan University provides a limited number of scholarships and grants

To deserving international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Not designed to support your full academic program

New York University Wagner Scholarships

This scholarship is merit-based

Provided to all students

$25000 to $47000 Partial to full tuition Scholarships

Oregon University Scholarships

Each year 1 Million Dollars in financial Aids

International students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

Partial to full tuition for up to 15 credits per term each year

Wesleyan University Scholarships

Extremely limited and is awarded on the basis of both exceptional qualifications and demonstrated need.

11 Exceptionally able Asian Students

Full Tuition for four years

University of the West Scholarships

Provides President’s and Dean’s scholarships

New international students who achieve high academic standards and demonstrate a financial need.

Full cost of tuition waived for 7.5-15 undergraduate or 6-12 graduate units per semester.

Job Prospects & Salary after MS in USA

MS Specialization

Popular Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (USD)

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer, Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer


MS in Electrical Engineering

Radio Engineer, Systems Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer


MS in Marketing

Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Director


MS in Engineering Management

Project Manager, Program Manager, Industrial Engineer


MS in Information Systems

Information Technology Manager, Systems Administrator, Software Developer


MS in Public Health

Healthcare Consultant, Research Associate, Health Educator


MS in Finance

Auditors, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Budget analysts


MS in Management

Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Financial Support Manager


MS in Data Science

Data Scientists, Financial Analysts, Data Administrators


Work Permit and stay back Period after MS in USA for International Students

The average wage for MS graduates in the United States is determined by their topic of study, as well as their college and location. Starting salary typically varies from USD 70,000 to USD 80,000. High-demand specialisations such as Machine Learning, Big Data, and AI fetch over USD 100,000. Students with suitable background experience are also more likely to receive a package worth more than USD 80,000. Salaries reflect the circumstances as sectors develop, new inventive disciplines emerge, and demand patterns shift. One of the most essential considerations for students planning to pursue higher education in the United States is obtaining a post-study work visa.

The F1 Visa, M1 Visa, and J1 Visa are three types of student visas that allow students to stay in the United States for a set length of time after finishing their studies. International students with an F1 student visa can work for up to a year in temporary jobs directly connected to their major subject of study. After completing their studies, F1 visa holders can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is one-year employment and stay visa granted to international students who have completed a degree programme in the United States. There are two forms of OPT: one that can be used during one's studies, known as Pre-Completion OPT, and one that begins after one's studies, known as Post-Completion OPT.

Pre-completion OPT: You can apply for pre-completion OPT once you have received your full-time enrolment in a school that has been certified by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to enrol F-1 students. The course must be completed in at least 12 months. When your classes are in session, you may work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week if approved. You can work full-time over the holidays.

Post-completion OPT: After finishing your studies, you can apply for post-completion OPT.

Well, that was extensive coverage, but we have got more information for you at AECC. AECC is the right place for you to expedite your education endeavours with assistance in all aspects, from finding accredited courses to an ideal destination and a leading institution. The expert counsellors provide guidance and will bring your dreams to life.

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