How Much Does it Cost to Study in UK for International Students?

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 The vibrant cities of the UK are home to some of the best institutions in the world, such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London College of Economics, and Imperial College. The United Kingdom has 400+ universities and acts as the second most prominent global educational hub for international students.

With the hope of pursuing their dream career, every year, students from all over the world enroll themselves in these world-class universities and study in the shining cities of the UK, such as London, Dublin, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Although these top-notch universities promise a fulfilling career, the expenses of fulfilling this dream are a costly affair.

The best part is compared to the United States and Australia, studying in the UK is generally cheaper. The reason is the shorter course duration in the UK compared to other countries. On top of that, as per QS annual employer survey, UK graduates are amongst the most employable in the world. It means the return on your investment is extremely high.

Let us dive deeper into this and explore the different aspects of the Cost of Study in UK for Bangladeshi students.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in UK?

The total cost of studying in the UK for international students involves a lot of expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, food, health coverage, travel, etc.

However, the primary and the highest proportion of the expense is tuition fees.

  • For international students, the average fee of studying in the UK ranges from £10,000 and reaches up to £38,000 for expensive degrees such as medicine and MBA.
  • The total tuition costs depend on multiple factors such as program, course duration, university reputation, location, and more.
  • Courses such as humanities, arts, and education are generally cheaper, while medicine and engineering subjects cost higher.
  • Similarly, tuition fees for postgraduate degrees are higher than graduate ones.
  • For Masters degrees in the UK, the annual fee ranges from £15,000 to over £40,000.
  • Like all other countries, MBA in the UK is considered the most expensive degree.
  • The average fee for an international MBA in the UK ranges from £35,000 to £58,000.

Few Universities with Low Tuition Fees in UK

British Education is considered the most expensive and quality education. The reason is high university tuition fees in the UK with the high cost of living.

For international students studying in the UK, the main concern is the high tuition fee. With several universities in the country, where they can charge independently from international students, it becomes difficult for students to choose the university that results in the best money deal.

So, here we are listing some of the best universities in the UK that offer quality education at an affordable rate.


The average fee for UG courses in GBP 

The average fee for PG courses  

in GBP 

University of Chester 



University of Stirling 



University of Greenwich 



University of Westminster 



University of Huddersfield 



University of Glasgow 



University of Southampton 



University of Bath 



University of Birmingham 



University of Manchester 



What are the Low-cost Undergraduate Universities in UK for International Students?

The approximate undergraduate degree cost in the UK for international students ranges from £10,000 to £38,000 per year.

  1. The UG degrees are considered more expensive than PG as the duration of UG is around 3 to 4 years, compared to PG, which is of 1 to 2 years only.
  2. Arts, humanities, and social sciences degrees are less expensive, while science, engineering, and medical degree programs are generally more expensive.
  3. If you are planning to go for undergraduate in UK as an international student, then here are some of the low-cost universities that you should consider:


Courses Duration


Wrexham Glyndwr University 

 3 or 4 Years


Bedfordshire University 

 3 or 4 Years


University of Chester 

 3 or 4 Years


University of West London 

 3 or 4 Years


University of Cumbria 

 3 or 4 Years


University of Wolverhampton 

 3 or 4 Years


Leeds Beckett University 

 3 or 4 Years


University of Teesside 

 3 or 4 Years


Anglia Ruskin University 

 3 or 4 Years


University of Greenwich 

 3 or 4 Years


Coventry University 

 3 or 4 Years


University of Stirling 

 3 or 4 Years


How Much Does a Master's Degree Cost in UK?

Universities in the UK offer 1 to 2 years full-time and 3-years part-time degrees in multiple disciplines.

These degrees are research-based/course-based or a combination of both. Secondly, compared to undergraduate, master's degrees are more intensive and study-focused.

Some of the most popular master's degrees in the UK are MSc- masters in science, MPhil- masters in philosophy, MBA- Masters in business administration, masters in law, etc.

  1. A Master's degree from the UK holds a great value that gives you an edge over your counterparts in gaining expertise and developing yourself while travelling the world.
  2. The average cost of doing a Master's or MS in the UK as an international student can cost you anywhere between 15,000 GBP to 40,00 GBP a year.

MBA Programs in the UK by Cost

After the US, the UK is the second-best country in providing quality education, and an MBA is considered the best and most pursued business and management degree.

  • It prepares you for real-life business problem-solving.
  • So, MBA from the UK is a dream for almost every second student.

Here we are listing the best and different MBA programs offered by the top universities in the UK along with the tuition fee. 


Full-Time MBA 

Part-Time MBA 

Executive MBA 

Distance Learning 

Imperial College Business School 





London Business School 





Warwick Business School (WBS), University of Warwick 





Cass Business School, City University London  





The University of Manchester - Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS)  





Durham University Business School 





University of Cambridge - Judge Business School  





Hult International Business School - Europe Campus (London) 





University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS)  





University of Strathclyde - Strathclyde Business School  





MBA Tuition Fees in UK for International Students

The 1-year MBA program offered by UK universities attracts many students from all over the world. It is an expensive investment that costs anywhere between 31,450 GBP to 87,900 GBP.

Let us look at the best universities in the UK and the average fees charged by these universities.


Annual Fee 

University of Edinburgh Business School 


Cranfield School of Management 


City, University of London, Bayes Business School 


Durham University Business School 

£32920 - £34910 

The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School 


Imperial College Business School 


University of Warwick, Warwick Business School 


University of Oxford, Saïd Business School  


University of Cambridge, Judge Business School 


London Business School (LBS) 


Cost of Studying Medicine in UK

With the increase in demand for Doctors/Physicians, more and more students are pursuing the lucrative MBBS degree.

  1. The average salary for doctors in the UK is 67% more than other health and medical occupations.
  2. For international students, the average cost of a Medicine degree is as high as £38,000 per year, depending on the university.

Here are the top medical colleges in the UK with their duration and tuition fee.

Cost of Living in UK for International Students

As an international student, along with tuition fees, there are different components that need to be considered in the total cost of living such as rent, health, and insurance, utilities, food, recreation, etc.

Before migrating to a new country, it is good to plan your budget and finances to lead a comfortable life. Here is the list of all the necessities with the monthly costs.


Monthly Costs 





Gas and electricity 




Mobile phone 




Stationery and textbooks 




Travel (buses, trams, and trains) 


Movie ticket 


Dinner at restaurant 


Hope, we have solved all your queries about pursuing a degree from the UK. If you have any questions, contact AECC, our expert team will guide you throughout the process.

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