Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students

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The UK is a land of opportunities. Not just for studies, but also research and work as well. It is one of the countries that has one of the highest GDP's in the world and is a highly developed society that provides ample opportunities for those who are qualified and eligible to procure it.

In the education sector, numerous universities provide top-of-the-line education which is highly recognised and sought-after by the job market all over the world, which proves the standards that they produce from their students, making the country a choice destination for international students from all over the world.

This being the case, numerous students wish to study in the UK to grow their horizons and get into a professional career that helps them grow into the person that they want to be. But while studying, they tend to come across various steps that will require them to adjust themselves to the study culture around them. One such step is the part-time jobs in the UK for international students which they seek out to ensure that they are self-dependent on themselves when they are in the UK. 

Part-time Jobs in UK for International Students

Though there are scholarships provided by the various universities across the country, part-time jobs in UK does help a student to meet their day-to-day necessities and build up their morale and self-confidence in enabling them to stand on their own and sustain themselves. This mainly applies to the international students as they get to have a first-hand experience about what it means to be and also, helps themselves in reducing the cost that they have to spend whilst their study in the UK.

Part-time jobs in UK for international students have several options that are available for them to choose from as they range in a wide variety which can be from waiting tables to working in supermarkets to cleaning windows to driving to hairdressing and much more.

Part-Time Job Rules in UK for International Students

Several rules are to be followed when it comes to international students when they wish to take up part-time jobs in UK for international students. They are made in place to ensure that the students have ample time to balance their study-work flow without one overlapping the other and they don't burn out due to the stress and lack of time.

When an international student receives his/her student visa, though they are entitled to work whilst the duration of the study, there are certain rules that they have to follow.

They are as follows:

  • The student cannot work for more than 20 hours per week (i.e. 4 hours a day) for a full-time degree programme with the weekends off.
  • Whilst the student is on a language course term, they are only allowed to work for not more than 10 hours per week (i.e. 2 hours per day).
  • However, during the session break or vacation time, the students can work for up to 40 hours a week (i.e. 8 hours per day) with the weekends off.
  • During the course of study in UK, the students cannot work as a freelancer or on a contract basis.
  • Also, the students cannot work as full-time employees at any firm or company unless they have a valid post-study work visa.

These rules are in place to ensure that the international students have sufficient time to balance their study/workflow and learn the trade so they can work efficiently without hindering their study aspect for which they have primarily come to the country.

What are the Different Types of Part-Time jobs in UK?

The different types of part-time jobs for students that are offered in the UK vary by the basic category which falls under:

On Campus Jobs

On-Campus jobs as the name suggests, are the part-time jobs that are available on the campus of the university that the student is currently studying. These jobs are primarily focused on by both international and domestic students who wish to stay in close proximity to their dorms inside the university as they do not have to move about much.

On-Campus part-time jobs are available in the areas mentioned below:

  • Library(ies)
  • Computer Labs
  • Receptions
  • Gyms
  • Cafeteria
  • Campus Tour Guide

and many more… 

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Off-Campus jobs as the name suggests, are the part-time jobs that are available off the campus of the university that the student is currently studying. These jobs are targeted by both domestic and international students who stay at dorms or residences that are away from their university campuses. These jobs are found around the neighbourhood of their residence and can help with their expenses and at the same time, help them to get to know about the local populace of the region.

Off-Campus part-time jobs are available in the areas mentioned below:

  • Office Boy
  • Receptionists
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Call-centre maintenance
  • Data Entry
  • Delivery Personnel

and many more…

One of the important points to note is that whilst the part-time jobs which are available off-campus can broaden one's perspective with job opportunities, one still will have to get permission from their respective universities to ensure that they are legally approved to work in their choice of part-time jobs off-campus. 

Online Part-Time Jobs

Online part-time jobs as its name suggests, are the part-time jobs that students can opt for from within the safety of their dorms or places of residence with the only requirements of a laptop and a stable internet connection. The major benefit for the part-time job-seeking students with online part-time jobs is that they get to save up a lot of time by getting their jobs done within the confines of their room and use the remainder of their time to focus on their study, which most definitely helps the students who have opted for tougher courses to study.

Online part-time jobs salary in UK for international students are available in the areas given below:

Work from Home Jobs

Salary Per Hour


£35 approx.

Data Entry  (money can be more based on the size of the data)

£3 approx.

Market Researcher

£20 - £30 approx.


£30 - £80 approx.

Highest Paying Part-time Jobs in UK for International Students

Some of the highest paying part-time jobs in UK for international students are some of the interesting jobs one can do as a student. Some of these jobs though require a level of experience in their field, nonetheless prove to show that they are indeed some that are out there, which can help the students to earn their keep and balance their expenditures.

Below listed are some of the highest-paid part-time jobs in UK:

  • Dog walker
  • Private Tutor
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Proofreader
  • Product Tester
  • Market Researcher
  • Translator
  • Babysitter
  • Photographer
  • University Ambassador
A little more insight into the lucrative yet common part-time jobs in UK along with their salary and requirements are mentioned above are given below for your understanding:

Part-Time Job(s)

Details regarding the profession

Dog Walker

  • £8 - £14 per hour, per dog
  • Profit depends upon how many dogs you can handle at a time
  • Advertisements and Flyers can be found to get this job other than online sites which offer such jobs in the locality.

Private Tutor

  • £15 - £30 per hour
  • Able to teach people the skills that you have which they want to learn
  • Can even use online platforms to teach others such as musical instruments among various other subjects.
  • You can even self-record your classes and upload them onto online sites where you get paid every time your video is played.

Mystery Shopper

  • £5 to £15 per visit, with travel costs covered along with a budget to spend in the restaurant/shop.
  • This part-time job entails that the students who love to shop, eat out and are good at covertly snooping around are required for it.
  • They get paid, get a free meal and travel expenses are covered.
  • They have to appear as a mystery guest (mystery shopper or mystery diner), and after their shopping or eating they have to share their experience in a detailed fashion as an everyday guest/customer.


  • £15 every 1000 words approx.
  • Work done online.
  • Requires someone who is good with spelling, spotting grammar mistakes and correcting them.
  • Can also do proofreading.
  • Can advertise using social media outlets and university job boards for coursework proofread.

Product tester

  • £7.50 to review website and app navigation which normally takes around 20 minutes.
  • Can signup for testing products and services with various products with various companies within the limits of the visa and university permits.
  • Added perks to this job are that a tester gets to gain access to product pre-launch and most of the time they get to keep them.

Market Researcher

  • £5 per survey as well as gift cards to use with major brands
  • You can get paid for having an opinion by signing up with survey providing company sites and taking their surveys which take up to a few minutes.


  • 10p per word translated and can earn up to £100 a day.
  • Those proficient in more than one language can earn a lot by working for translating many contents of various languages.
  • A more lucrative way is to be a translator for foreign businesspeople during holidays and provide assistance.
  • Can advertise via social media sites, through embassies and with hotels and travel agents.


  • £12 - £15 per hour, and occasionally get paid for the taxi home and evening meals
  • Get an opportunity to meet British families and learn a lot about the local culture.
  • It is flexible and pays well.
  • Can advertise directly to local people or ask your British friends if any in their contacts might require the assistance.
  • While connecting with any agencies, would require a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check to ensure that you are fit to work with children and it costs £23.
  • This role requires a National Insurance Number.


  • £70 - £400+ per photo depending upon the quality and demand.
  • Can be sold to photo libraries.
  • While connecting with professional agencies, you can be enrolled with a student contributor scheme that helps you get a 100% of the sales price for your image for two years.
  • Even with mobile phones, one can take decent photographs can create content and upload your images and video content for businesses to licence.

University Ambassador

  • £8 per hour minimum depending upon the university you study.
  • Requires those who love the universities and can convince others to study there.
  • International students are required as they can become ambassadors to participate in social media live chats with prospective students.
  • Have a possibility to get paid over the summer and after you graduate to get the word across to promote the university amongst others at home.

Part-Time Job Salaries for International Students

Apart from the salaries and the jobs that are mentioned in the above lists, there are a few other jobs that are chosen primarily by the international students and their salaries are mentioned below:

Job Roles

Salary (per hour)

Helper (at Retailer shops)

£8 - £9


£8  - £10

Delivery Boy

£4 - £6 per delivery


£12 - £14

Library Assistant

£10 - £12


£8 - £10

One of the important points to note is whether the amount earned by the student is taxable or not depending on the income and if the student is eligible for the personal allowance. They will have to pay income tax on the taxable income that is mentioned above the tax allowances.

Part-time jobs are one of the easiest ways to help oneself to support their finances by enrolling in the best universities and can help one secure the best of what the country and the university has to offer. AECC is one of the top leading educational consultancies that strive to help students across the world ensure that they get to live their dream and build an amazing future for themselves.

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