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PR Courses in Australia for International Students


Students from all over the world visit Australia to pursue higher education courses. Australian universities provide modern amenities to students along with a comprehensive education approach. Students can also avail the benefits of part-time work during their study and post-study work opportunities. Thus, making Australia an ideal location for education for international students.

However, most students visiting Australia for studies may look forward to attaining permanent residency. These students must select suitable courses to increase their chances of getting PR. Students can also opt for pathways like skilled migration, employer nomination schemes, and state nomination. 

What is PR (Permanent Residency) in Australia?

Permanent residency in Australia for international students gives them a chance to move and live permanently in Australia. However, it does not grant citizenship to the students. Some key factors about permanent residency in Australia are:

  • Individuals with permanent residency can work, study and live in Australia without restrictions.
  • These individuals get access to Medicare – the national healthcare theme initiated by the government of Australia.
  • However, permanent residents cannot avail the benefits of HELP or Higher Education Loan Program as it is only made for Australian citizens to provide financial help with higher education tuition charges.

Why Pursue PR Courses In Australia?

PR Courses in Australia have been gaining popularity over the last few years. These courses offer much more than a student's usual expectations. Australian universities offer a laid-back and friendly environment to students. They also provide high-quality education and excellent standards of living.

Giving below are some reasons for international students to pursue PR Courses in Australia:

  • Australia is a growing destination. It is third on the scale of most popular destinations for international students. Along with this, it has friendly natives, diverse culture, and excellent study opportunities.
  • Australian graduate degree has global recognition. It is due to the highly sought-after reputation of the Australian education system. This system is maintained by the government and has high standards of education.
  • Compared to other countries, the cost of living in Australia is relatively low. It includes the living cost and the relatively affordable tuition fee. Along with this, Australia provides high standards of living.
  • Students can opt to work part-time in Australia while studying. They can work for up to 20 hours per week during studying. Students can also stay back after graduation and take advantage of the post-study work opportunities. This helps them gain experience in their field of interest in Australia.
  • Australian Institutes allow students to choose from a variety of courses and degrees. But, students must choose a degree program for themselves before admission. They must also ensure the program aligns with their requirements and needs. English language courses and vocational programmes are also available to students.

Which Courses are Eligible for PR in Australia?

Students can pursue various courses from different niches to get PR in Australia. These are listed below:



Job options


The University of Melbourne.

Australian National University.

The University of Queensland.

The University of Sydney.

University of New South Wales.

The University of Adelaide.

Edith Cowan University.


Finance Managers


RMIT University.

Edith Cowan University.

Kangan Institute.

TAFE Western Australia.

Baxter Institute.

Automotive Electrician

Diesel Motor Mechanic

General Mechanic

Motor Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanic

Building and Construction

Canberra Institute of Technology.

The University of Sydney.

The University of Technology Sydney.

The University of Adelaide.

The University of Western Australia.

Curtin University.

Deakin College.

Ever thought College of Construction.


Building Inspector


Construction Estimator

Construction Project Manager

Floor Tiler


Roof Tiler

Wall Tiler

Computer and IT

The University of Melbourne.

Australian National University.

RMIT University.

The University of Queensland.

The University of Sydney.

University of New South Wales.

La Trobe University.

Analyst Programmer

Computer Network

Developer Programmer

ICT Business Analyst

ICT Support Engineer

Software Engineer

Software Tester

Systems Analyst

Systems Engineer

Web Developer


The University of Queensland

University of Melbourne

Monash University

The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Australian National University

Griffith University

University of Sydney

University of Technology Sydney

Queensland University of Technology

University of South Australia

Business Analyst

Project Manager

Business Development Manager

Chief Marketing Officer

HR Business Partner

Sales Manager


The University of Melbourne.

Australian National University.

RMIT University.

Monash University.

The University of Queensland.

The University of Sydney.

University of New South Wales.

The University of Technology Sydney.

Aeronautical Engineer

Agricultural Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Materials Engineer

Mechanical Engineer


The University of Queensland.

Southern Cross University.

Bond University.

Edith Cowan University.

Victoria University.

Murdoch University.

Torrens University.

Accommodation and Hospitality Managers

Baker and Pastry cook

Bed and Breakfast Operator

Cafe or Restaurant Manager


Hotel Manager


The University of Technology Sydney.

The University of Sydney.

Monash University.

Griffith University.

The University of Adelaide.

La Trobe University.


Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse for all departments

Painting and Decorations


Australian University of Technology and Education.

Western Institute of Technology.

Event Decorators

General Decorators


Social Work

Monash University.

The University of South Australia.

Federation University Australia.

The University of Auckland.

The University of Melbourne.

La Trobe University.

Community Worker

Family Support Worker

Welfare Centre Manager

Welfare Worker


Monash University.

Deakin University.

The University of Queensland.

The University of Sydney.

The University of Canberra.

The University of Wollongong. 

Primary School Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Special Needs Teacher

Teachers of English Language

University Lecturer

Vocational Education Teacher

How Can I Get PR In Australia by Its Courses?

Students can quickly get PR after pursuing courses in Australia by fulfilling the given requirements:

  • Students must be below the age of 50.
  • They must demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
  • Candidates must demonstrate a successful skillset for their preferred occupation.
  • Students must have at least three years of relevant work experience.
  • They must fulfil all the government's character and health requirements.

Top Universities in Australia

Australia has several universities in top positions in the latest QS World Ranking. It has five universities in the top 50 and 4 universities in the Top 150. These universities offer high-quality education and accommodation facilities. Students can also get high-paying job opportunities at these universities.

Given below are the top universities in Australia where students can enrol:

Aus. Rank

Global Rank




Australian National University (ANU)



University of Sydney



University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales (UNSW)



University of Queensland (UQ)



Monash University



University of Western Australia (UWA)



University of Adelaide



University of Technology Sydney (UTS)



University of Wollongong

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Application To Australia PR?

Students need to fulfil specific eligibility criteria to get admitted to Australia. Some important criteria for students are given below:

  • Students must apply for PR right after completing their education courses/graduation.
  • Students can apply for a post-study work visa under subclass 485 after finishing 2-year courses. This visa is also called a Graduate Temporary Visa.
  • If international students attain Graduate Temporary Visa, they can stay and work in Australia for 18 months to 4 years. This is an excellent option for students studying for a few years in Australia.

What Can Disqualify You from Not Getting PR In Australia?

Students may fulfil all the requirements and yet not receive their PR for Australia. There are various reasons for this, given below are some of them:

  • Invalid Passport
  • Incomplete Application form
  • Substantial criminal record
  • Convicted for escaping from immigration detention
  • Been a member of a criminal organization
  • Suspected of being involved in illegal activities
  • Missing documents
  • Uploaded fraudulent documents or information
  • Medical conditions include HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, cancer, major heart issues, and mental illnesses
  • The applicant doesn't demonstrate the availability of sufficient funds.
  • Failure To Answer/Provide Additional Documents

Things to Remember for PR in Australia

Students must remember six essential steps for getting a PR Visa in Australia. These are:

  • Checking Eligibility
  • English Test
  • Skill Assessment
  • Expression of Interest
  • Submitting Application
  • Permanent Residence Grant

Changes to 485 Visa Duration

485 Visa is also called the Graduate Temporary Visa. Initially, the Visa duration used to be 18 months, but it was recently increased to 24 months from 1 December 2021. Thus, all the students visiting Australia after 1 December can stay for up to 24 months after getting a Graduate Temporary Visa.

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