PR Courses in Australia for International Students

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Students from all over the world visit Australia to pursue higher education courses. Australian universities provide modern amenities to students along with a comprehensive education approach. Students can also avail the benefits of part-time work during their study and post-study work opportunities. However, most students who plan to study in Australia look forward to attaining permanent residency. One of the easiest ways to obtain a PR in Australia for international students is to pursue PR courses.

How many years does it take to get PR in Australia for international students? How to get PR in Australia with a student visa? How to get PR in Australia after study?

Are these some of the questions that come to your mind? If so, you can read the blog further as we have incorporated all the details related to studying PR courses in Australia for international students, including the Australian PR requirements for international students, the easiest way to get PR in Australia for international students, Australia PR process for international students, etc.

What is PR (Permanent Residency) in Australia?

Permanent residency in Australia for international students gives them a chance to move and live permanently in Australia. However, it does not grant citizenship to the students. Some key factors about Australia PR for international students are given below.

  • Individuals with permanent residency can work, live and study in Australia without restrictions.
  • These individuals get access to Medicare – the national healthcare theme initiated by the government of Australia.
  • However, permanent residents cannot avail the benefits of HELP or the Higher Education Loan Program as it is only made for Australian citizens to provide financial help with higher education tuition charges.

Best PR Courses in Australia

If you are thinking about how to get PR in Australia as an international student, one of the first things you need clarity on is the top courses, universities and their tuition fees.


Top Universities

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)


Australian National University

AUD 42,000 - AUD 51,000


University of Technology Sydney

AUD 18,000 - AUD 25,000


University of Melbourne

AUD 50,000 - AUD 52,000

Computer Science & IT

University of New South Wales

AUD 32,000 - AUD 34,000


University of Queensland

AUD 39,000 - AUD 44,000

Nursing & Midwifery

Monash University

AUD 41,000 - AUD 55,000

Education & Teaching

University of Western Australia

AUD 16,000 - AUD 43,000

Medicine & Dentistry

University of Adelaide

AUD 44,000 - AUD 89,000

Social Work

University of Wollongong

AUD 29,000 - AUD 41,000

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Application to Australia PR?

You need to fulfil specific eligibility criteria to get an Australian PR. If you are wondering how to get PR in Australia after studying, you can refer to the general criteria given below.

  • You must apply for PR right after completing your education courses or graduation.
  • You can apply for a post-study work visa under subclass 485 after finishing 2-year courses. This visa is also called a Graduate Temporary Visa.
  • If international students obtain a Graduate Temporary Visa, they can stay and work in Australia for 18 months to 4 years. This is an excellent option for students studying for a few years in Australia.

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What Can Disqualify You from Not Getting PR in Australia?

While it is important to learn about how to get PR in Australia as an international student, it is equally important to learn about the reasons that can lead to your application being rejected. A few things that can disqualify you from not getting PR in Australia are given below.

  1. Invalid passport.
  2. Incomplete application form.
  3. Substantial criminal record.
  4. Convicted for escaping from immigration detention.
  5. Been a member of a criminal organisation.
  6. Suspected of being involved in illegal activities.
  7. Missing documents.
  8. Uploaded fraudulent documents or information.
  9. Medical conditions, including HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, cancer, major heart issues, and mental illnesses.
  10. Lack of availability of sufficient funds.
  11. Failure to answer or provide additional documents.
  12. Applied for the wrong visa type.
  13. Violation of the conditions of your previous visa.
  14. Inability to score the required English proficiency test score.

Things to Remember for PR in Australia

The Australia PR process for international students is simple and you can easily get qualified if you satisfy the necessary criteria. We have given a few points for you to remember when you apply for an Australian PR so that your application stands a better chance of getting accepted. You must remember six essential steps for getting a PR visa in Australia. These are as follows.

  • Checking eligibility
  • English test
  • Skill assessment
  • Expression of interest
  • Submitting application
  • Permanent residence grant

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Changes to 485 Visa Duration

485 Visa is also called the Graduate Temporary Visa. Initially, the visa duration used to be 18 months, but it was recently increased to an additional 2 years with the implementation of the extension on July 1, 2023. Thus, all the students visiting Australia can stay for a longer duration with the Graduate Temporary Visa.

Thus, it would be clear to you by now that there are several PR courses in Australia for international students. If you wish to learn more about these courses and studying in Australia in general, you can read our blogs. You can also reach out to AECC's counsellors to get expert guidance on the best courses for PR in Australia, their eligibility criteria, top universities, and everything else. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!


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