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Accounting courses are one of the most popular courses that international students prefer to pursue in Canada. One of the top reasons is because students get a chance to study in some of the world's best colleges. These colleges provide world-class academics, industrial exposure, and a high employability ratio post-graduation.

After graduation, students can expect job opportunities at Google, Deloitte, Apple, and many more top recruiters. Along with this, the starting salary for a newbie accountant is 43,546 CAD per annum. Thus, studying accounting in Canada is an excellent opportunity for international students and must be considered. However, if you are confused about which university to choose for accounting in Canada, fret not! This blog will give you detailed information about the universities, fees, courses, eligibility, admission procedure, etc. 

Why Study Accounting In Canada?

Now we know that accounting is one of Canada's most popular courses pursued by international students. So, let's find out why:

  • Excellent job opportunities: All accounting universities and colleges in Canada provide fantastic job opportunities post-graduation. These are provided to both domestic and international students upon graduation. The average starting salary is 52,876 CAD per annum for account graduates.
  • World-class education: Canadian institutes also have a unique infrastructure that is one of a kind. This helps provide international students with outstanding education along with industrial experiences.
  • The abundance of courses and specializations: Unlike most countries, Canada provides several options in accounting courses. These include various types of specializations like taxation, administration, etc. Students at study levels like UG, PG, doctoral, diploma, and certificate programs are offered to students. 

Exams to Study Accounting in Canada

  • To pursue accounting in Canada, a student needs to appear for two exams – GRE or GMAT (only for PG level) and an English proficiency test.
  • Both exams are necessary as their marks are generally asked for when a student applies to a Canadian university.

Given below are some English proficiency tests that a student must appear for:

Popular Accounting Courses in Canada

Canada provides many accounting courses that a student can choose from. These courses are innovative, rewarding, and filled with experiences.

Given below is a list of some of the most popular accounting courses in Canada:

  • BCom Accounting
  • Masters in Accounting and Finance
  • BBA Management and Accounting
  • Master of Forensic Accounting
  • PhD. Accounting
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • A graduate certificate in professional Accounting
  • Master of Accounting
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Accounting
  • Graduate Diploma in Financial Accountancy
  • Certificate in Accounting
  • Certificate in Professional Accounting
  • Certificate in Accounting Management of Services

Top Universities to Study Accounting in Canada

Canadian universities and colleges are well known among domestic and international students for spectacular accounting courses. Canada has three accounting universities in the top 50 QS World Ranking 2022.

Given below is the list of some of the top universities and colleges, along with their QS Rating and Tuition fees:


QS World University

Tuition Fees (CAD/year)

University of Toronto



McGill University


$40,000 – $59,690 

University of British Columbia


$20,000 - $30,000

Universite De Montreal



University of Alberta



McMaster University


$10,000 - $15,000

Queen’s University



York University



Eligibility Criteria to Study Accounting in Canada

Every college or university has some eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfil to enrol in the desired institute. The students must have average passing marks in their GRE/GMAT exam and English proficiency tests. The average acceptable marks for English proficiency tests are:

  • TOEFL: 213
  • IELTS: 6.0

Along with this, students must also provide academic transcripts for every level of study. This includes proof of studying some prerequisite subjects like Mathematics, Advanced functions, Calculus, and English.

Admission Process to Study Accounting in Canada

To get enrolled in a Canadian university or college, one must follow these steps:

  1. Choose a suitable course and university for yourself.
  2. Visit the universities website to submit the application fees and application form.
  3. Submit all the documents that are asked for.
  4. Institute may reach out to you to schedule an interview.
  5. Submit application forms for scholarships and other financial aid, if available.
  6. Wait for an acceptance letter from the university.

Documents required

Every student needs to provide certain documents at the time of admission. These usually include exams to be given, academic documents required, English proficiency scores, and much more.

Given below is a list of all the documents that a student must have:

  • Transcripts
  • Passport
  • Test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc.) documents
  • Gap letter/experience letter if there is any gap in academics
  • Resume
  • LOR
  • Statement of Purpose or Essays
  • Transfer certificate
  • Financial documents as requested by the university
  • Visa documents

Cost of Studying Accounting in Canada

The cost of studying accounting in Canada includes both the tuition fee of the respective university and the cost of living in Canada. The cost of living differs from person to person. It depends on one needs like lodging, groceries, clothing, public transit, and miscellaneous expenses. Thus, it can range anywhere from 900 CAD – to 1500 CAD per month. As for the tuition fees, it differs with each degree and study level one chooses.

Given below are the average tuition fees for various degrees and study levels:


Average tuition fees (CAD)

Diploma or Certificate courses

$5,000 - $20,000


$20,000 - $60,000


$30,000 -$40,000 

Scholarships to Study Accounting in Canada

There are numerous scholarships provided by colleges in Canada that offer up to 100% of a student's tuition fees. These scholarships may be university-specific, privately funded, or government-funded. Some of these scholarships also provide stipends to cover students' external expenses. One can easily apply for these scholarships by fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Scholarships are a great initiative and help overcome financial strains.

Some of the top scholarships for international students in canada are listed below along with their award and eligibility criteria:



Award (in CAD)

C. Douglas Mellor Prize, McGill University

A graduate certificate in financial accounting student Outstanding academics


Kenneth F Byrd Prize, McGill University

A graduate certificate in financial accounting student Outstanding academics


Principal’s Scholarship, Queen’s University

International Applicants showing high academic performance


Bourse H Marcel Caron Scholarship, HEC Montreal

Student in BBA Accounting demonstrating financial need


How to Start Studying Accounts in Canada?

To start studying accounts in Canada, a student needs to apply to the desired college or university. They also need to appear in various GRE/GMAT exams and English proficiency tests. To get successfully enrolled in a college and start studying, one must be on the lookout for the college's eligibility criteria. A student will not get admitted to a college if they don't fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Given below are some requirements for various degrees and study levels:



Foundation or diploma

A student should pass high school education or equivalent with good results

Bachelor’s degree

Canadian Grade 12 certificate is required

IELTS 6.0 (no individual band lower than 5.5)


PTE: 51

Future applicants must additionally prepare a resume stating curricular achievements, and any kind of volunteer and work experience. The applicant must also prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI) stating reasons for applying to the university in Canada and how would the student achieve academically.

Master’s degree

Relevant undergraduate degree, or its equivalent, with a penultimate year average of minimum, mid-B from a recognized university

What is the Scope of the Studied Program in Canada?

A student pursuing an accounting course in Canada can expect an average salary of 52,876 CAD per annum. The base salary is 45,823 CAD per annum, going up to 75,000 CAD per annum with time and experience. Along with this, they can also get a chance to work with some of the best companies in the world.

Given below is a list of all the job positions and salaries that one can expect:

Job Positions

Salary (CAD/annum)

Tax Manager


Accounting Manager




Business Analyst


Financial Analyst




Office manager


Account Clerk






What are the Types of Accounting Jobs in Canada?

A new accountant can choose from many career options and job positions in Canada. Most of these are high-paying jobs with an average salary of 58,500 CAD per annum.

Given below is a list of some accounting jobs, along with a short job description:

  1. Tax Accountant: Since tax laws and rules are changing all the time. A tax accountant works with clients and companies to calculate their tax liabilities. They also advise their clients on how to reduce their overall taxes.
  2. Auditors: Internal and external auditors are the two categories of auditors. Internal auditors guarantee that a company's rules and laws are followed. At the same time, an external auditor works on behalf of the regulatory bodies or government.
  3. Cost Accountant: Every business needs to be profitable to be successful. A cost accountant typically works with a strategy team to ensure that a fixed plan will be beneficial. They might also suggest ways to reduce business expenses and increase profit.
  4. Forensic Accountant: This is one of the highest paying positions for an accountant. Their main work is to examine the financial statement to prevent fraud or embezzlement.
  5. Accounting Manager: These types of accountants are also well paid. They mainly prepare reports for different bodies within an organization. This includes profit loss reports and earning reports.

Top Accounting Firms in Canada for International Students

Canada has some of the top accounting firms and companies in the world. So, students who graduate from accounting courses in Canada get a chance to work with these leading firms.

Given below are some of these firms with the average salary that they offer:

Top firms

Average Salary (CAD)

Ernst & Young




Grant Thornton LLP




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